What you need to know about Prescribed Appetite Suppressants

Obesity has become a real problem and many are facing this trouble and trying to get rid of this condition by making use of any means. There are many natural hunger suppressants that can be made used for decreasing your hunger and make you get rid of the problem of obesity.

If the natural food is not making any significant change over you, then you can choose to meet a physician who will be prescribing you some kind of medication that can be made used for decreasing your appetite and thereby reducing your weight.

Commonly Used Anti Appetite Suppressants

There are many medications available that are prescribed by physicians for weight loss. The commonly used medicines are diethylpropion, orlistat, mazindole, phentermine and sinutramine. Antidepressants can also be made used for decreasing your appetite but this medication is usually effective only during the first phase of its usage and may become less effective after that.

Single Drug

The medications that are commonly prescribed can reduce the weight only to a certain extend. This kind of medication should be made used only along with moderate kind of exercise and healthy diet. If the weight that you want to lose is much huge, then these prescribed medications won’t be effective in providing you with best solutions. The prescribed medicines when used alone can act in different manner with different individuals and weight loss also depends on the individual.

Combined Drug

There was a combined drug treatment for suppressing appetite by making use of phentermine and fenfluramine. This treatment no longer exists due to the banning of fenfluramine from market. There is not yet any proper information regarding the usage of medicines as combinations for weight loss. It is advised that the patient need not use the combination medicines other than when taking part in a research with the combination medicine.

Benefits of Prescribed Hunger Suppressant Medicnes

The usage of medicines prescribed by the doctors for suppressing hunger should be used only for a shorter period of time and has the capability of reducing the health risks that are associated with the individuals who are obese. These medicines have the capability of reducing the cholesterol, blood pressure, fats and also decrease the insulin resistance of the body.

There should be long term studies conducted for determining whether a weight loss that is accomplished with the usage of hunger suppressant medication has the capability of improving health for a longer term.

Cons of Using Medication for Suppressing Appetite

The medicines that are prescribed for obesity as well as for suppressing appetite are the ones that should be used in a controlled manner. There is a need for following strict rules while such medicines are used for reducing your weight. The patients who have a history of using alcohol or drugs should be given the hunger suppressant medicines with proper care and caution.

When you are in taking the weight loss or hunger suppressant medicines there are chances for chances for the body to be tolerant towards the medicines because the effects of the medicine can be seen only for a few months.


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