The Dashing Diet

Introduction And Background
With so many new diets on the block and a new one arising daily in magazines, the internet or maybe even television channels, one gets really confused as to whether or not the diet is any good at all. Until and unless the diet has many reviews and you generally know someone’s personal opinion on how the diet went down, you are always hesitant to follow it. However, there is a new diet called the dashing diet and while many would be hesitant to actually follow it, it is one of the healthiest diets there is. Read on the article further to know more about this diet and to see why it is one of the healthiest things around! And one thing to clear out before you begin, the dashing diet is also known as the dash diet. Both names can be used for this particular diet, in case you got confused.

What Is The Dashing Diet?
The dashing diet actually takes its name from the initials DASH which means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Hypertension is becoming a very common problem now and more than anything, it is due to the diet that people have started taking. It is very high in sodium and salt and all kinds of junk food and people rarely stock their kitchen with any vegetables and fruits now. The dashing diet is one which plans to give you high fiber foods which do not have many sugars or saturated fats in them. It’s cause is not only to reduce weight but to give a healthy body and lifestyle as well. Majorly, it reduces the chance of having heart disease or a stroke which is now a very big problem in many countries around the world where heart health is on a low. The dashing diet is not only for a single person but for everyone and the entire family can actually pursue it together. It makes things easier and also ensures that everyone in the family is following a healthy diet, not just one or two persons.

What Do You Eat In The Dashing Diet?
Well, one thing is really clear. Eating vegetables and fruits are a necessity because potassium is present in abundance in this category and we all know how terrific it is at lowering blood pressure. Colorful foods should be on the category because a diet rich in green and leafy vegetables along with fruits is something you definitely want to have. You won’t just be improving heart health but putting yourself on the weight loss regime as well which is a good thing.

Your Dairy Should Be Low Fat
Let’s be honest, every house has dairy products. Someone wants to have cheese, someone wants a pack of yoghurt daily or someone generally likes to drink milk all the time. However, one thing that the family has to make sure is that no matter what dairy comes into the house, it all has to be low fat. Low fat dairy is generally very high in fiber and does not give you the extra calories from fat that will not even be useful to you. Hence, learn to adapt to this and put yourself in the habit of picking up low fat dairy, it doesn’t matter, just make it an instinct and ask your family members to do the same.

Reducing LDL
By now, if one knows anything about heart health, they would know that LDL are the bad lipids and HDL are the good lipids that the body needs and also reduces risk of heart disease. Eating nuts, unsalted nuts, is one way of reducing LDL and cholesterol levels in the body. But you have to make sure that they are unsalted as salt can raise your blood pressure and cause hypertension, something you are avoiding in this diet.

Exercise Involved
The exercise involved is not strenuous and nothing that a person cannot do. You are required to give in about three hours a week in any way you want to. You can either go for a walk or have a light jog or use machines at home such as the exercise bike or the treadmill that is all up to you. And it is pretty light, giving three hours a week is not a heavy duty work and one can easily manage it. This is why the diet is becoming so popular.

People often joke that the dashing diet can make you into a dashing person and while they may be joking, there is a lot of truth in this line! This diet can actually make you fit and it is a diet for all times of the year, not just when you want to lose weight. It will keep you healthy and also retain it as you grow older.


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