The Best Time For Exercise

Introduction And Background
From the time that you are in kindergarten, exercise is emphasized upon. In fact, there are special classes held in the week till high school even so that physical fitness and health remains an integral part of your life. Even mothers with newborn babies are told to massage their child’s legs and flex them in different directions, a kind of exercise for a human being so tiny. Why is exercise so important? Why from the time you are born till the time you are old, you can’t hear enough about it? And most important, what is the best time for exercise?

Exercise Is An Essentiality In Life
Working out and maintaining fitness is really important. Not only does it keep you fit and you like looking at yourself in the mirror, it builds up your confidence and self-esteem and you don’t have to go through the problem of weight gain and weight loss or enter the vicious cycle if you’re in the habit of exercising. More than that, it keeps most of the diseases at bay. Those who jog regularly or go to the gym have a lesser tendency of developing any kind of heart problem and also are less lazy than those who don’t do anything of the sort. Hence, exercise not only boosts your confidence, it protects you as well!

What Is The Best Time For Exercise?
The truth is…there is no best time for exercise. You can literally exercise to your will and have the same results anytime of the day. It depends on your mood and your routine really. Those who are early risers can find time to exercise in the morning and it keeps them fresh throughout the day. It can also boost their metabolism. In another case scenario, there are people who go to the office and join the gym there for an hour or so during the afternoon when they need to relieve some stress and it works out great for them. Then there are also those people who actually do not find any time to exercise in the morning or during the day and can go for a nightly jog or a quite stroll after dinner. It all really depends on your mood. You just need to find the time to exercise; it doesn’t really matter what time it is. And even if there is a difference, for instance if there is a possibility that exercising in the morning will burn ten more calories per hour as compared to the afternoon, even then go for the time that makes you happy and you’re adapted to. You will end up exercising more frequently this way and will burn more calories anyway!

Do Seasons Affect Exercise?
Yes, seasons do have an effect on exercise. Generally, the body burns more calories in the cold because the body is working more to keep the temperature steady. This is why most people feel hungrier during the winter season, it is because their stomach wants food to generate some heat. However, there is research that says you burn more calories during the summer time if you exercise because you also lose a lot of water weight that way since sweating is more profuse in the warmth. However, it mostly all comes down to a difference of a few calories at most.

The Important Thing Is Not The Time But To FIND Time
Do not dwell on little complications such as the best time for exercise. It all really depends on the kind of person you are. A morning person who sleeps early at night would like to start a day fresh with exercising while a person who is not very fond of doing any activity during the day would likely be more fond of doing a workout at night. It is important to find time to actually do something, not to figure out when is the best time to do it. Fit exercise into your schedule; don’t fit yourself into the assumed schedule of exercise. Try to visit the gym or the nearby park or even get a treadmill at home if you cannot go out to jog and exercising does not even require much space, learn two or three workouts from the internet which you can easily do on a gym mat at home!

Hopefully after this article you must have learned by now that time you give matters, not when you give it. Exercise is really healthy and also saves you from a lot of troubles later on, even issues such as arthritis or maybe bone weakness. Keep your diet right and also stay in the habit of exercising; there is nothing that will prove to be more beneficial than that for your health for your entire life.


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