Why You Should Go Swimming

Introduction And Background
There are many exercises which might bring a frown on your face. Maybe a jog is something that would irritate you after a hard day’s work and maybe going to the gym and lifting weights is also not that appealing unless you are a body builder. But there is one exercise which everyone is quite fond of, especially during their childhood days. And maybe that feeling persists even when the children turn into adults. Yes, that exercise is swimming. When summertime comes around the corner, it’s like the only thing to suddenly do is go swimming, whether it is in the pool or the beach or even a nearby lake in the community. While there is no doubt that there are many benefits to go swimming, the important thing is to know and acknowledge them so that you understand better why you should go swimming. If you keep reading, you might just consider it THE thing to do during the summer or even during wintertime if there is a proper heating system in a nearby swimming pool.

It Can Make You Lose Weight
The most obvious of reasons to go swimming is weight loss. In fact, it is a total body workout, were you aware of that? If you have been swimming, you will notice that your entire body is working in a synchronous manner, doesn’t matter what type of swimming style you are adapting to. Whether it is the free stroke or the butterfly stroke or even backward swimming, you will be moving your arms and legs, adjusting your head and trying to stay afloat with the energy you can muster. Isn’t it better than lifting a few dumbbells for your arms or maybe doing crunches for your stomach? This way, you are doing a bit of something for all parts of the body. Thus, swimming is a good exercise for weight loss and one you can look forward to. It is exciting, jumping into the water. It might just get you to lose weight if you are avoiding and are tired of other kinds of exercises.

Good For The Joints
As you grow older, you really have to be careful about the joints. You probably cannot do squats as well as you could when you were twenty. You also cannot lift very heavy weights that easily at above the age of fifty. Since the bone mass decreases as we grow older, we really have to be careful about our joints. Swimming is one exercise which do not harm the joints in any way, otherwise they are pretty much vulnerable to any other exercise you can name. Swimming is the only exception. In the fluid motion in the pool, doesn’t matter how much you thrash about or how much you swim, your joints will still be in a good stature.

No Equipment Needed At All
You don’t need any equipment, besides a giant pool that is! But they aren’t that hard to find and most people building homes should definitely consider installing a pool if they have the space. It would really help in the future. Besides, buying machines will be much more expensive than getting a membership for a pool for a few months.

Something For Everyone
Aside from children splashing in the pool with the young adults trying to do laps and the middle aged people going in for a bit along with the old people trying to do something, you will find someone of every age in the swimming pool. That is the best part, there is no restriction and it is just so much fun to go swimming! In fact, it is a good cardio workout. That is why most old people go swimming, their doctors recommend it, especially for those who have had a heart bypass surgery or anything of that sort. It is healthy and keeps you in tip top shape.

A Good Calorie Burner
Swimming burns a lot of calories and the best part is that you won’t even get tired. Once your stamina is built after two or three days, you can swim for a longer time as compared to going running or even using machine equipment for some other kind of exercise. Actually, if you swim for an hour, you can burn close to five hundred calories! That really is something!

Why you should go swimming? Well, that question has already been answered hopefully. Doesn’t matter what age you are at, swimming is going to benefit you whether you are bordering across senility or are young with fervor. It will benefit you anyway. Summer is about to start, get going to the nearby pools and set a routine, guaranteed you will enjoy it and once you get used to it, it will become a terrific addiction!