Appetite Suppression Via Cashews

Introduction And Background
Anyone who is not new to the dieting world or who has had some experience of a diet will know that the key to weight loss is one thing and one thing only; appetite suppression. It can literally make or break your diet and is the reason why most diets succeed so well while others fail miserably during the start. Why does one gain weight anyway? Because they love food. When someone loves food, it becomes harder to let go of it immediately especially when the hunger pangs are driving your crazy and are telling you to satisfy your body and stomach immediately by eating. And these people usually have large appetites if they are fat, with an increased stomach size that can be a little harder to fill while on a diet. Nonetheless, appetite suppression is the key to weight loss and you should know all about the things that can help you with appetite suppression, one being cashews!

Why Is Appetite Suppression So Important?
In the introduction and background section you might have gotten an idea that appetite suppression is what you need if you want to lose weight but why is it so important? Well, there are multiple reasons behind it. The fact that dieting is the one thing that makes you lose a lot of weight is pretty much an established fact. You cannot think about only exercising and skipping out on dieting altogether and then expect to lose weight. You will not lose weight this way. Imagine going jogging for two to three hours a day but then ending the day with burgers and fries and steaks and cokes. What good will that do? Thus, appetite suppression is what you need. You need to suppress the appetite so that you can diet easily and are content with what you are having. This is the reason why most diets fail at the beginning and why people let go after two to three days. They are not in the habit of eating so less and since they have large appetites, they give in to their cravings. If they are able to suppress their appetites and have foods that help them at it, they will be able to deal with their diet a lot better and will be able to continue it as well. This is why appetite suppression is so important, literally being the key to dieting!

Cashews As An Appetite Suppressant
There are people in many countries who are using cashews as an appetite suppressant and rightfully so. There are many reasons as to how and why cashews should be used as an appetite suppressant. But you should keep one thing in mind though. Cashews are now low in calories and eating a lot of them can do the opposite effect of what you want. Nonetheless, here are reasons why cashews could act as appetite suppressants:

  • They are actually high fiber foods and we all know how fiber is an essential component of weight loss. Fiber is the food that does not give many calories and is simply egested from the body. It also creates the bulk in your stool and can ease constipation which is a common problem amongst dieters since they are not eating as much and who knows how much fiber is present in their diet. Thus, cashews have fiber in them!
  • They are harder to digest than simple carbohydrates which mean that they will be in your system for a longer period of time, keeping your hunger at bay and also relieving any appetite cravings you have.
  • More than that though, you might have noticed that after eating even three to four cashews, you immediately get the feeling that you have had something very fulfilling and you need not have any more. You can be happy with little cashews as well. They have certain vitamins and enzymes as well which will help keep your hunger at bay.

As mentioned above, cashews are not low calorie food so use them wisely. Do not start eating them in handful two to three times a day because that can prove to be a disaster for your weight loss plans. You should use them wisely, have a few of them when you are feeling hungry because not only will they suppress your appetite, they are also good to eat and they will give you certain valuable nutrients as well. You cannot go wrong with cashews if you are using them wisely!

Appetite suppression via cashews is something that you should know if you are about to diet or are dieting. You need all the help you can get with appetite suppression and sometimes all you need is the right information. Now that you know cashews help, you should have them once in a while or about twice a week.