Proactol plus

5/5 Overall
5/5 Suppressing Power
5/5 Safety & Quality
4/5 Long Term Results
5/5 Customer Service
Price: $55.95 180 days guarantee

Proactol plus Overall rating: 4.7 Based on 2 user review

  1. John Marshall
    Excellent product & works great!

    To put it simply, I’ve tried many appetite suppressants in the past and none of them have worked as well as Proactol Plus. A close friend referred me to Proactol because I was having dieting issues, after taking that one leap of faith I can confidently say proactol plus has changed the way I lose weight. I’ve lost 23 pounds in 2 month and this is just the beginning.

    If anyone else is in the same situation as me and trying to find a good appetite suppressant, then I would highly recommend purchase this product as it really does work.Report

    The Pros: Very affordable product and it really works!

    The Cons: -
  2. Overall 5/5 Suppressing Power 5/5 Safety & Quality 5/5 Long Term Results 5/5 Customer Service 5/5

  3. Simon Li
    Great customer support, good results

    I received great support from Proactol and the results have been great, I’m still using it as I haven’t reached my complete weight goal yet but will continue to use it.Report

    The Pros: Good customer support, good results

    The Cons: None
  4. Overall 4/5 Suppressing Power 4/5 Safety & Quality 5/5 Long Term Results 4/5 Customer Service 5/5

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