Natural Weight Loss Supplements: What are Their Pros and Cons?

Introduction and Background:

Being overweight or otherwise obese puts your body at risk of contracting cancer and heart diseases. With this type of information being in the public domain nowadays, people who consider themselves overweight and those found not to be in a healthy state of life as advised by their physicians have resorted to dietary alterations and exercise as the necessary ways to prolong their lives. At times weight loss supplements are employed to facilitate the same.

Natural weight loss supplements function in different ways including curbing the appetite, increasing energy and also boosting the body’s metabolism. These supplements come in various forms including pills, liquids, and capsule forms. The presence of in the body is important because its rate of being digested is lower. This makes one to eat less amounts of food leading to a deficit in calorie level. The fiber may be found in the form of powder and also capsules. Proteins are also essential as they maintain fullness and cause the body to use more calories when digesting them. Another product is known a Citrimax, which is an appetite suppressant, which prevents the conversion of carbohydrates to fat.

There are various natural weight loss supplements in the market today, which help people achieve their goals in losing weight. These supplements assist in stabilizing the blood sugar level, burning of calories, hastening metabolism, and also elimination of toxins and excess water from the body. These supplements include herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals and are found in the form of a capsule or as pills.

So how do these natural weight loss supplements work? Continue reading.

1. Blood Sugar Stabilizers

Fluctuation in the blood sugar level is known to result in fatigue, food cravings, and hunger. The brain has a region known as the hypothalamus, which regulates the intake of food. If your blood sugar level goes down the hypothalamus instructs the body to eat. It is important to eat a balanced diet and take supplements in order to keep your blood sugar level normal.

An example of such types of supplements includes the Aerobic Bulk Cleanse manufactured by Aerobic Life Industries. The supplement provides the body with fiber, which is slowly absorbed into the blood stream hence promoting a full feeling and reduces the hunger feeling. The supplement also assists the body to eliminate accumulated wastes and excessive water from the body.

Others include chromium picolinate, which decreases resistance to insulin and helps in carbohydrate metabolism. A single-celled algae called spirulina, which is high in protein, prevents variations in blood sugar levels. This supplement has more protein content than meat and does not have any calories.

2. Fat and Calorie Burners

L-Carnitine is manufactured in the body from amino acids and is believed to release fat. By using this supplement, you are able to build muscle and at the same time lose weight. Its prescription is 3g of L-Carnitine every day. Another supplement, L-Methionine is not manufactured in the body and is therefore taken in the form of a supplement. This is an amino acid that eliminates fats from the body and also helps in creatine formation, which is a muscle nutrient. Pyruvate promotes the loss of both weight and fat by transporting glucose to the muscles. The glucose in turn produces glycogen in the muscles, which assists in losing fat.

3. Herbal Supplements

Such supplements include the Aloe Vera juice, which cleans the digestive tract and also improves appetite. Other cleansing herbs, which have diuretic properties, are alfalfa, horsetail, gravel root, corn silk, hyssop, yarrow, and juniper. Tea is made from the mentioned herbs and it is drunk when one feels bloated due to excess water. Sluggish thyroids cause the addition of weight because less hormones which regulate the body’s metabolism.

Supplements such as hawthorn berries, licorice root, borage seed, and sarsaparilla give a boost to your thyroid. Spices may also be used in meals. Such spices include cardamom seed, cayenne, mustard seed, ginger, and cinnamon. They are used to increase the rate of metabolism. The fennel spice eliminates fat and mucus from the intestinal tract and is also a suppressant of appetite.

It is important to observe caution whenever you decide to use natural weight loss supplements because even though they are natural, they can cause negative side effects including anxiety, nervousness, and an increased heart rate. It is therefore advisable to take the supplements as directed by a doctor as you watch out for any reactions with your body.


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