How to Suppress Appetite and Reduce Cravings

There are many reasons why you can decide to look for ways on how to suppress appetite. First ,your body weight may be more than you are supposed to weigh when you are healthy or you will just like to slim for beauty reasons.

After you consult your doctor and the doctor explains to you on the need for you to look for ways of reducing your weight you can end up being faced with many options. Some of the options that you can have for you to employ so that you will slim will include options such as carrying out regular exercises or looking for ways on how to suppress your appetite so that you will consume less food that will lead you to losing excess fats from your body.

For you to suppress your appetite you will need to use appetite suppressing supplements .There are many supplements available that you can use but here are some tips for you to achieve in deciding on the best supplement for you to use:

Consider a supplement that is clinically proven to work

A supplement that has been clinically proven is the best for you to use because it will reduce chances of developing side effects after you make use of it. You can easily know whether a given supplement that you are about to use in your process of suppressing your appetite and cravings for food work through doing some research.

The research that you will be supposed to do will include visiting the official website of the company that manufacture the supplement from where you will be able to access the necessary information about the supplement such as the primary ingredients and the certification of the company.

Read reviews for you to hear what other people are saying about a particular supplement

In reading reviews you will be able to learn about the testimonies that have been provided by different people who have ever made use of the supplement before you.

This will enable you know whether the supplement really work or not. From the reviews you will also get to know in case there are any side effects that you may face in making use of the supplement that you are about to buy

Take into consideration the price of the supplement

Different supplements available that can help you in your process of trying to suppress your appetite are available in different prices. For you to achieve in working within your budget, it is advisable for you to decide on a supplement that you can readily afford.

In deciding on an affordable supplement you should also ensure the supplement is of high quality so that you will avoid cases of buying a cheap one that will not work well. Different supplements will also require you to make use of them over different periods of time for you to achieve any results.

For you to avoid cases where you will become impatient on the process you should try and enquire on the period in which you will be required to make use of a certain supplement for you to see the results .If possible you should decide on a supplement that will enable you see the results in your body after a reasonable period of time.


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  1. Josefina Seda

    I am 5’1 and weight is 170. Less than two years ago I was weighing 135, and very comfortable with the way I looked. I’m no spring chicken therefor I’m not expecting to weigh 120 like I did as a teen. I’m a stay at home grandma of three beautiful girls and another on the way. Please, I am very depressed and do not want to start smoking again so my weight could melt away. My budget is limited too. That is why I have not been able to join a gym or gone to a weight center. My pcp doctor does not believe in appetite suppressant meds.Report

  2. Tim Ferguson

    Hi Josefina,

    Sorry I made a post but not sure what happened to it. Congratulations!!! You don’t need to start smoking again. Appetite suppressants do work but we always encourage that you listen to your doctor. I’d like to give you a challenge. Please try to drink nothing but water for 30 days and avoid carbs (Potatoes, chips, etc) after 6pm and see the results that this gives you.

    If you’re pleased with the results, try using an appetite suppressant in conjunction with the above, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

    Tim FergusonReport

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