Learn How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Month

Losing the fat that is stored in and around your belly can be very difficult. But it is vital to get rid of it because an excessive amount of belly fat can lead to serious illnesses and conditions. Plus, no doubt, you want to feel confident on the beach this summer.


Most of our organs are located around the belly. Too much fat here can put dangerous pressure on vital organs, such as the heart and lungs. This is usually caused by the deeper lying fat, also called visceral fat. You won’t typically see this fat as it is deep inside the body, even thin people can have this problem. Visceral fat takes time and much effort to eliminate.


Hoping to shed that belly fat, and shed it fast? Keep reading to find out how you can lose belly fat in just one month.


Body Shapes: The Apple and the Pear


how to lose belly fat - Body Shapes: The Apple and the Pear

We have probably all heard of our body shape being compared to fruits. You may not have given it much thought when someone says you look like an apple. But you should.


Pear shape is usually considered to be the “safest” shape, a small waist and wider hips. You won’t have too much fat around your belly so your organs aren’t at high risk.


Apple shapes, however, are wider around the waistline. You may be thin and have a clear idea of your shape, but once you gain weight, your fruit will start to show. Apples tend to gain more weight around the waist, whereas pears gain weight around the hips and upper leg area.


How to Lose Belly Fat: Methods of Losing Belly Fat


how to lose belly fat - Methods of Losing Belly Fat

There are many methods when it comes to getting rid of the dreaded belly fat. Some include exercise, others are only based on diet. The best way, however, is a bit of both.


Searching the internet you will find a ton of methods claiming to make you lose belly fat in one day, but you have to remember you need something that will last, and quick weight loss usually doesn’t last long-term.


Let’s have a look at some methods that will leave you lean and fat-free.




how to lose belly fat - diet

The fat comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually our food. Eating lots of processed foods, trans and saturated fats, salts, sugars and greasy foods can only do you harm. These are all filled with empty calories, so they won’t benefit your body in any way.


Fibers and Whole Foods

Fibers and Whole Foods


Instead, you should be choosing whole foods that are nutrient-dense. This means they provide your body with essential fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants.


On top of that, they also give your body long-lasting energy, and you may find yourself with a much smaller appetite because the fibers are keeping you full.


These are also called soluble fibers. They absorb water and turn into a gel-like consistency while traveling through our body. This makes them slower to digest, leaving us with a full feeling. Soluble fibers are also shown to help eliminate belly fat.


These fibers are found in:


  • Flaxseeds.
  • Legumes.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Avocado.
  • Blackberries.
  • Shirataki noodles.



how to lose belly fat - Fibers and Whole Foods


Getting enough protein is essential for our body to build muscles. But you shouldn’t go out and buy a large burger thinking this would do it. Red meat isn’t a good source, yes, it does contain high amounts of protein, but it also contains a lot of fats that we don’t want. Eating a steak here and there is fine, but don’t overdo it.


A good choice would be lean chicken breast, without skin or bones. Beans are also high in protein and very healthy. Fish, eggs and dairy are also good sources.


To make sure the protein you eat is beneficial to your body, you need to also make sure the way you’re preparing and cooking it is up to the same standard. Cooking the protein in lots of oil and grease takes away from its benefits. Instead, choose olive oil or low fat, unsalted butter. Use in small amounts and don’t add too much salt.


Healthy Fats


how to lose belly fat - Healthy Fats

Many think that when you want to lose weight you have to stay far away from anything containing fat. While this is true to some extent, there are healthy fats that are just as important to our body as fibers and proteins. And cutting back on healthy fats can actually do more harm than good if you are trying to lose a few pounds.


Fats are an important part of our diet; they help our body absorb vitamins and minerals, and they build up cell membranes and the cover that surrounds the nerves. Healthy fats are also needed to prevent blood clotting and inflammation, and to improve muscle movement.


Industrially made fats, such as trans fat, is very bad for our health and should be avoided by all costs. What we need are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are found in nuts, seeds, vegetables and fish. A good way of knowing if it’s a healthy fat or a bad fat is that the good fats have a liquid consistency at room temperature.


Including a small number of healthy fats in your diet will benefit your body a lot. For example, having a piece of salmon for lunch a couple times a week is a great way to get the required amount of healthy fats. Cook it in the oven or in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, season to taste, and you will have yourself a delicious, fulfilling meal.




how to lose belly fat - exercise

Exercise is important when you want to lose belly fat fast. Getting your heart rate up to burn extra calories is essential. Finding the right workout that suits you is key to the success.


High intensity workouts, such as running or cycling, mixed with core exercises are the best way to go. If you have a lot of fat to lose, speed walking or running is a good start to shed some pounds before moving on to core exercises.



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how to lose belly fat - cardio


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Getting the heart rate up will make you sweat, and sweating is basically the fat leaving the body. So you want lots of it.


Aerobic workouts, such as kickboxing, Zumba, and aerobics, are great methods to get the heart rate up in a more entertaining way than just running 30 minutes on a treadmill. A Zumba class can last up to an hour and it involves different intervals of high and low intensity movements that are great cardio. Just think about all the calories you will burn.


Core Exercises


how to lose belly fat - Core Exercises

Crunches, yes, the dreaded crunches. There’s no way to avoid them if you want to lose belly fat. Engaging your core is important to lose the fat and shape your waist. There are different ways to do it:


  • Crunches: you can do either side, twist or reverse crunches.
  • Vertical leg crunch: lay flat on your back, raise one leg while reaching for your toes, you will feel your core burning.
  • Bicycle exercise: lay down flat on your back, put your hands behind your head and start moving your legs as if you were cycling. Try to touch an elbow with the opposite knee.
  • Lunge twist: you do a regular lunge, but as you are engaged, try to twist your body to one side. Repeat with opposite side. For more resistance, try holding a dumbbell or medicine ball for more weight.
  • Russian twist: Start on your back, slightly lift yourself up to a make a V shape between your upper body and thighs. Your knees should be bend. Then twist to either side. You can also add weights here for more impact.



Making your own routine and writing down how many sets you want to do is a good way to organize your time. You don’t want to be the one at the gym wandering around not knowing what to do next and only completing half sets of each exercise.


Having a goal also keeps you motivated as opposed to just doing whatever comes to mind. It’s important we push ourselves. Exercising gets easier over time, so it’s essential we change things up and make the workouts harder and more intense, in order for us to move forward. Otherwise, we will just be maintaining the weight we have.


How to Lose Belly Fat: Conclusion


So, how do you lose belly fat in just one month? It’s all about eating a balanced diet with fibers, proteins and healthy fats, and exercising regularly.


Planning your meals ahead and packing your own lunch is a great way for you to make sure you’re not overeating or eating anything that would add bad fats to your diet.


Keeping a diary of everything you consume is good, then you can see where you went wrong and where you got it right. Finding healthy recipes you enjoy is also key to keeping you on track – nobody wants to eat bland food.


Mixing a good diet with a good exercise routine is the way to go to lose belly fat fast. This should include cardio and core workouts.


Making a weekly plan is a good idea. Maybe make Monday your fat-kicking, kickboxing cardio day, and Wednesday could be all about toning and shaping the waist with Russian twists and bicycle exercises. Figure out what works best for you, go for it and blast that belly fat fast.



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