Emerging Diets of the 21st Century

During seasons like winter people tend to care less about their weight because after all they dress heavily so they do not have to worry about the shapes of their body. You can use heavy jackets to cover all that weight. However, as summer approaches, you start to think about how to feel good, look good, and you begin to realize how overweight you may be. This is the time you cannot avoid looking for the best diet to achieve weight loss. Additionally, with dieting being the trending topic at that time, there are lots of diets to choose from.

With many new diets coming up every single day, you can be easily confused about the right diet to follow. Many types of diets promise good health and loss of weight and all have their good side, but what is more important is the concept of dieting is tricking your body by focusing on good eating habits, which make you healthy. At the end of the day what matters is that you have eaten real food, avoided junk, cutting on sugar and food that is processed. By doing this insulin hormone, which triggers hunger and stores fat is balanced. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest diet to achieve weight loss, here are the most recent diets you can choose from:

The 5:2 Diet

This is also called the fast diet, which lets you eat up to 600 calories two days every week and during the remaining five days every week you eat whatever you like. Restriction of calorie intake has been found to lengthen one’s lifespan by a third and assists your body repair the damages caused by junk foods. The advantages of this diet is that they are related to changes that occur in the body due to fasting, instead of being related to a reduction in the level of calories and the short then leading the body into the metabolic state, which enhances repair and recovery of cells. This creates and influence on hormones, allowing a digestive system plus other similar organs to rest. This normally happens with the pancreas that releases insulin in response to sugar and carbohydrates. The body then has more sensitivity to insulin, an important player in weight loss. These short-term fasts help you have better control on the foods you eat during the non-fasting days, thus choosing healthy foods as well as eating out of of boredom.

Fast Metabolism Diet

This type of diet is based on simple to follow strategies, which enhance your metabolism. People who choose this diet are advised to keep off from processed foods, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine, and instead you are directed to eat small meals composed of quality foods. Calorie intake is also an important factor in this diet. The diet works in the same manner as many other diets that are specifically recommended for professional athletes in improving their performance. You may choose this diet to achieve weight loss because its benefits include the fact that the diet teaches you how your body’s metabolic functions and the foods that may be harmful to your metabolism. The diet also helps you reduce the level of insulin in the body leading to loss of weight. With proper instructions for the diet, you can shed to a maximum of twenty pounds in one month.

The VB6 Diet

This type is also recommended as a diet to achieve weight loss and is seen to be more powerful than any other type of diet. Some people refer to it as a way of restructuring the relationship between you and your food. Its basic principle is that you stick to vegetarian foods before 6.00 pm every day and after this time; you may eat any kind of food you want. By using this diet, you will increase the intake of vegetables and fruits every day. Other principals include eating less animal products, completely avoiding processed foods and junk, preparing real food by yourself in your home using fresh ingredients, prefer quality to quantity of food, and lastly focusing strictly on your health. By following all these principles, weight loss follows as a side effect, keeping in mind that this was your initial goal.

In conclusion, in addition to choosing a diet to achieve weight loss, it is also important to couple the dieting process with some exercise. This will not only boost your energy, but also your metabolism, reduce inflammation, diabetes, dementia, and other heart diseases.


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