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Introduction and background

Some famous person once said ‘nothing that is worth having ever comes easy’. Now with these words, you would think of something academic or some sporting event where medals are to be won. You would never think of personal achievements and vendettas that have been overcome. This quote can well be used for all the dieters out there who have been facing the toughest time to achieve their goals. They have to suppress their appetite and exercise a control over their food cravings because this has become an acknowledged fact in the dieting circle; you cannot lose weight unless you control your appetite.

Why is controlling the appetite important?

It is important because without it, you cannot lose weight. Your appetite needs to be in check in order for the body to start burning all that stored fat that has been added to give you the extra pounds. There are just a few human beings who have such a fast metabolism that simple exercise can make them lose weight. For the rest of the normal ones, they have to stay away from fried foods and all the fast food outlets they love. Learning to control the appetite is a certain art. You have to know how to appease yourself, to think away from food. Further information is given below.

How to suppress the appetite?

Since the importance of controlling the appetite has been established, the question now arises how to suppress it? It isn’t easy and a little patience is required as well as bearing a few hunger pangs but in the end, the result is worth it. Here are a few ways in suppressing the appetite:
• Try eating less and less every day. If you have the time and are not in for a quick weight loss program, this will probably ensure that after you lose weight, you will not gain again. If you slowly reduce your appetite, it will take as much time to spring up again which you will hopefully not let happen.
• Try drinking water before eating a meal. It makes you feel full sooner and then you start eating less too. It is a natural appetite suppressant.
• Fill your stomach with non fattening foods that do not make you gain weight. Appetite is suppressed this way.
• Eat slowly. This makes your brain think you are eating more than required because it is taking you time. Digestion is also enhanced which enables a perfect circulation.
• Sit straight and pull the stomach in while eating. It is the stomach that controls the appetite. If its capacity is small, that means you will feel less hungry and be content with what you eat.
• Take a walk after a meal. It usually helps contain your stomach size.
• Learn to take interest in different things so that you do not have food on your mind all the time. For example, computer gamers and software developers are really thin people if you survey them. How is it possible since all they do is sit in one place in front of a computer all day long? That is because they are so engrossed in what they are doing, they forget to eat at times!
• Join a sport. Athletes will never let themselves get carried away with food. And even if you are not on the professional level, just the exercise and the playing will make your muscles of the stomach stricken.

Other ways to control appetite

If the above ways are not working as well as you intended them to, then the only thing left to do is turn to the best alternative that is present; herbal appetite suppressing pills. These pills are not your average weight loss strategic medicines. They are actually good for you in more ways than one. The pills are made of the most natural of ingredients and they are safe without any side effects. And they are actually effective! You are nourishing your body and adapting it to a healthier lifestyle with these pills. Eating within a certain constraint is healthy. Not making your stomach exceed its limit is healthy. So taking these herbal supplements is really beneficial. They are not that expensive either and are easily available and affordable.


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