Best Diets to Lose Weight Fast without Starving Yourself


People leading a busy life because of homemaking or career find it extremely difficult to lose weight. Ironically a hectic lifestyle contributes to weight gain because people consume food that have high calorie or fat content as it is more convenient. The comforts of modern life come with a price. 5 out of 10 people living in the metros and urban areas are obese and it is a matter of grave concern. Huge proportion of money is being spent to find out innovative techniques in reaching the goal of weight loss. When conservative methods of getting rid of obesity fail and there is no hope left, you can go for best diets to lose weight.

3 Best Diet to Lose Obesity

There are some diets that taste yummy and yet they don’t contribute to weight gain. Here are some of the best diet plans available that can shed the excess amount of fat from your body without compromising on your taste buds.

Oatmeal Diet

Making oatmeal diet is extremely easy. All you need is three cups of oatmeal daily along with regular water or clear fluids. This diet plan is based on the system of Glycemic Index or GI. This particular diet breaks down the excess fat and increases the body metabolism. You stomach will feel full for a long period of time and you will not feel hungry frequently. When you eat less, less fat will be deposited in the body which in turn will contribute in weight loss. It is surprising to note that you can lose up to 20 pounds in less than 2 weeks with regular consumption of oatmeal. Once you have lost ideal amount of weight, you can then incorporate other healthy food in your daily meal plan.

Cabbage Diet

This is a legendary diet plan that tastes good with low calorie intake and you can lose a lot of weight quickly. To see the best results, you should make it a part of everyday meal for one month because it has lot of fibre. You should make a cabbage soup either in lunch or dinner and it can remove toxins and other metabolic waste from the body. It also allows the fluid to stay in the body and you will feel hydrated for a long time. Regular consumption of the cabbage soup will not only make you slimmer but you will realize that you have become trimmer after a certain period of time.

Vegetarian Diet

This is one of the best diets that can help you get rid of obesity but you will have to stay away from meat consumption. Avoid eating less starchy food items like potatoes and other items that are fried in a lot of oil. Try to include green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc in your diet. Starch should be the main ingredient in your daily meal because you will be able to get the required amount of vitamins and proteins. Once you find that you are enjoying the vegetarian diet, you can stay on it as long as you want and it will contribute to your weight loss effectively.


The best diets to lose weight are based on the restrictions on fats, carbohydrates and food that have high calorie intake. During the diet plan, it is advised that people should consume fresh fruits and drink a lot of water. In addition to this, one should take at least 30 minutes for a short walk after lunch or dinner. These things will help in getting rid of obesity easily without wasting money on any expensive weight loss supplement.


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