5 Healthy Food For Weight Loss and Appetite Suppression

Being overweight is considered unhealthy because it is associated with many health complications. For instance you can suffer from health complications such as heart attacks and even malfunctioning of different organs in the body in case you are overweight. Mostly the cause of overweight is attributed to the type of food that you consume .This makes it possible for you to control your body weight through consuming food for weight loss. Healthy food for weight loss function in making you loss your body weight where they can suppress your appetite hence making you consume less food leading to weight loss. The following are common healthy foods for weight loss:


Beans are foods that are rich in protein. They are also high in fiber and tend to be digested slowly. This makes them one of the best foods that you can consume in case you will like to lose weight. By the fact that they will take long to be digested they will make you feel full longer hence you avoid eating regularly which will lead you to weight loss.

2. Pureed Vegetables

For you to lose weight you should add more vegetable to your diet. Vegetables are rich in fiber hence they will make you feel full for a long period of time .This will make you avoid eating a lot of food due to feeling hungry. In adding vegetables regularly to your diet you will be assured to reducing in weight. Vegetable have low calorie content which can impact positively on your process of losing weight too.

3. Eggs and Sausage

This is the best food for you to try during breakfast .In consuming vegetables and sausages during breakfast you will easily do away with a lot of snacks that you will be tempted to eat before lunch due to feeling hungry .This can be attributed to the fact that the eggs and sausages that you will eat will be rich in protein which usually takes long to be digested in the body hence making you feel full for a long period of time. In case you are dieting where you will like to lose weight having this food in your breakfast can help you in sticking to your weight loss program.

4. Nuts

Nuts are among the healthy food for weight loss that you can try. Some common nuts that you can eat before meals include nuts such as almonds, walnuts and peanuts.After eating nuts especially before meals you will end up consuming less food .This will impact positively on your process of losing weight .Remember being overweight is brought about by the amount of food that you consume that ends up being stored in the body in form of fats.

5. Apples

For you to use apples successfully as your healthy food for weight loss you should opt for crunchy apple. In chewing the apple your body will send signals to your brain that you have eaten .This will lead you to having less appetite for food hence leading you to consuming less which is necessary for your successful weight loss. Crunchy apples contain a lot of fiber too which is really necessary in helping your body towards suppressing appetite that contributes to being overweight.


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