Why water is one of the best appetite suppressants


Introduction and Background

So you want to lose weight and must be wondering what techniques to resort to? Well, it would be quite surprising to know that water to which we give least importance is considered the best appetite suppressants by scientists and researchers across the globe. We all know that water which is the most natural form of any beverage has no chemicals and is the purest of all.

There are many strategies that work with water and that ultimately helps in losing weight. If you drink lots of water then you keep your body well hydrated and the hunger would vanish automatically by making your stomach full. Don’t forget to add plenty of fibre in your diet too that works even well when supplemented with ample water. Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger and often tend to overeat while body would just suffice with water.

We feel hungry even more when we indulge in rigorous physical activity like exercises involving aerobics, running or jogging. This exercise generates enough thirst in your body too. And if you are smart enough to recognize this thirst then your weight lost would sustain for long. However, not many realize this thirst and mistake it for hunger thereby adding more weight than losing it finally.

Basically it works like this, when we drink water we boost the metabolic rate of our body, thereby cleansing the body toxins and finally acting as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to cut out extra of the water weight.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways that makes water the best appetite suppressant.

Since water makes your stomach full in most cases if you drink ample water before your meals you would automatically eat less thereby reducing weight automatically. Drinking water before just one meal per day would cause you to ingest fewer calories. If your stomach is full the intake of food would be obviously less. Your body gets fooled by excess intake of water and the hunger pangs vanish instantly.

In any weight loss regime or a crash diet programm there is enough stress upon drinking water. This is simply because water helps you kill extra kilos and stored fat in the body. Hence the repeated instructions by dieticians and nutritionists to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep the body hydrated and clean is nothing but the truth. Excess water intake cleans the toxins and waste stored in the body and relieves from constipation too. When we drink less water, we’re not only missing out on the cleansing benefits of water, but also the water’s natural hunger suppressing benefits. If the appetite is not suppressed, we feel hungry and indulge in overeating most of the times. Indeed, water is a natural appetite suppressant, which implies that drinking water tricks your body into thinking it to be full thereby eating less and ultimately losing the extra kilos. Most of us drink tea, alcohol or coffee instead of water when thirsty. This is the unhealthiest, uneducated and unwanted manner of putting on extra fat that adds on to overall weight to the body. It makes sense to reap the benefits of water which is easily available and is very cheap too.


Water not only suppresses our hunger and helps us eat less, it also stops us from drinking other high calorie drinks we don’t really need. This means when you have the tendency to drink water you would never indulge in high calorie fruit juices or other aerated drinks.

Not only water is one of the best natural appetite suppressants declared ever, but it also has other benefits that include burning of excess fat, cleaning of kidney and other vital organs in the body. It helps all the important organs like liver and pancreas function properly without any malfunction. No doubt, a good kidney leads to a healthy liver, and in turn a good liver would burn fat quite easily.

By now you would have well understood as to why water is considered the best appetite suppressant. The role of water in weight loss and other numerous health benefits can’t be ruled out. And you would be surprised to know that getting a bottle of water doesn’t cost you either as compared to soft drinks or alcohol.

It would be concluded that not just water kills your appetite but also helps the vital organs like heart, lungs and intestine function well. This is like a vicious circle where proper functioning of organs leads to weight loss that ultimately offers good health in general. Now you wouldn’t want to ignore this and deprive your body from the most natural resource available on earth in the form of water.