What’s The Best Butt Exercise?

Introduction And Background
Well, whenever one talks about weight problems, he or she usually gets into the specifics of it. Maybe they are unhappy with the way the fat has grown on their chin or maybe they do not like the abdomen protruding. And mostly, no one likes a lot of excessive weight on the butt. It shows when you wear a dress and there is a problem when your old jeans don’t fit and while women can still somehow manage it, a lot of men look really weird and strange with the fat on their butt, if there is any. Hence, for these men and women, there are some butt exercises that they can follow in order to get what they want.

The Best Butt Exercise…?
To say that one exercise is the best butt exercise would be wrong because there are so many and all of them are pretty good for you to reduce weight around that region and tone it up. The way you can find out which is the best butt exercise for you is if you do all of them yourself for a certain amount of time and see which one suits you the most. Since everybody is different and they all have their own ways, own routine and own preferences, it could happen that a certain workout regime might not be suitable for one person but would work out really well for the other. Hence, below are some exercises that you should consider for being the best butt exercise.

This has got to be the oldest and most gratifying exercise ever for the hip region. Everyone knows how to do squats and it also gives the body a lot of good posture amongst other things involved. There are many other butt exercises of course and those which will burn more calories than the squats but since this is the oldest and possibly a classic by now, one can do no wrong with squats so it was worth a mention here!

Hip-Lift Progression
This is an easy exercise to do and you do not need any equipment either. You lie down straight on your back with your knees bent and arms on the side. Then slowly, lift your upper body up but be sure not to overstretch it. Your hips should also go up towards the ceiling and then after staying like this for about a second or so, go back down. Repeat these as many times as you can and if you want to up the difficulty level a little then try to raise your foot in the air as well. This might be difficult and don’t do it till you’re ready.

Toe Taps
Again in this exercise you have to lie down on the floor with your arms resting on the sides. The knees are also bent. Now slowly, lift your legs up in the air and keep them in a 90 degree angle in midair. Slowly bend your toes only towards the floor. First do it with the left toes and then with the right. This is again good for burning fat as well as posture.

Explosive Lunges
Surely, everyone knows how to do lunges. Stand straight with your hands on your hips and then lunge forward with one leg and then return and then repeat with the other leg. An explosive lunge is when you jump up and then exchange the legs in midair and end with the other leg in a lunge. For instance, if you have lunged forward with your right leg, after jumping your left leg should be forward in the lunge. That is why it is so explosive! Again, this is a kind of difficult exercise but excellent for the butt region so only do it if you are ready.

These are squats as well but you have your arms forward and your legs a little apart and in that position you go down in a squat. They are terrific for losing weight around that region because they not only tone that region but make it smaller as well, something that you want in a really good butt exercise!

As you can clearly see, all of these exercises are not only good but can the best and it all depends on how far are you willing to take it and what exercise is easier for you to do. All of them require no equipment and very little space that you can do them easily in your room, in the garden or even in some office space. The point is that you do them, any one of them or try them all out one by one and see which one you like the most. The one that suits you the most will be the best for you!