What Makes A Healthy Diet?

Introduction And Background
If you are thinking of ways to improve your health and live a good lifestyle, the first thing you have to do is to improve your diet if it isn’t already ideal. Nothing does health better than a healthy diet. Ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? Well, this phrase has a lot of truth to it. You truly are what you eat, there are no other ways about it. For your skin, your hair, your cholesterol levels, your digestion, you everything really, you have to eat well. Now, the next question on your mind after reading the introduction would be what makes a healthy diet? Well, read on further to find out what exactly makes a healthy diet and what you can include as well as exclude from your daily diet.

A Healthy Diet
We’ve known about the food pyramid since we were young, studying in kindergarten. The food pyramid is an instrumental piece of information given to us since childhood so that we are better able to understand what we’re eating and how we are supposed to mix it up together so that we are getting everything. A healthy diet consists of everything from the food pyramid, from proteins to carbohydrates to fats to fiber and almost every nutrient that is essential for our normal health. A healthy diet means that you are getting everything and are not devoid of any important nutrient that your body needs.

What Makes A Healthy Diet?
Well, if you know what a healthy diet is, you would already know what makes a healthy diet. Nonetheless, here are a few thing you need to know about the food you eat. And these foods should definitely be in your list of things to eat.

The most instrumental and basic nutrient there is, you cannot live a healthy life without proteins. They are present almost everywhere in your body and you need it for growth, repair and to maintain the normal body environment. Your muscles are made from protein, your skin is made from protein and even your hair is made from protein. Proteins are something you really cannot ignore. Even if you are losing weight and have eliminated most of the things from the food pyramid that give you a lot of calories like fats and carbohydrates, you cannot eliminate proteins at all. They are low in calories anyway but the more important reason is that you cannot eliminate them is that your body will suffer a lot. You will experience massive hair fall and other defects that will show themselves gradually. Thus, do not make the mistake of skipping this important nutrient. The important foods that are high in protein is meat, eggs, lentils etc. to name a few.

This is also an important energy component of the food pyramid. We always consider carbs to be bad. This is not the case. Not all carbs are bad. For instance, the carbs present in fruits is very good for your health, especially your skin and growth. The carbs present in sweets and other such items might not be as good. Nonetheless, you have to be careful with carbs if you’re having weight problems. They are usually the first food items to be deducted from the list when you start to diet. However, they are present in high amounts in almost every staple food.

Believe it or not, this too is an important component of the food pyramid and does complete a healthy diet. While the name of fats may seem to scare you, the truth remains that not all fats are bad. You need them for normal body function. Hence, entirely skipping fats is not such a good idea but think about it and research and only take the good fats. For instance, the omega fatty acids are good fat and will do your health good. They are especially good for the heart and reduce the risk of strokes considerably.

The most underrated of all, fiber is the element that will help you immensely in your digestive issues. Even if you are dieting, doctors advise you to have fiber foods because not only do they not contain many calories, but they also help you to avoid constipation as they form the bulk of the mass in stool. Having fiber daily will complete your healthy diet.

The point is, after reading this article, you’ll know that a healthy diet consists of all foods but in moderate amounts. But the concept remains that for a healthy diet, you need to have everything from the food pyramid. You cannot completely eliminate carbs from your diet or think of not having fats. You still need to have them for a healthy diet, in moderate amounts.