Does Hydroxycut Work

When you're working hard to lose weight but the results you were hoping for just don't surface, you might be tempted to try a weight-loss supplement, such as Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut provides pills, flours and even gummies, made from herbs and caffeine. But most also contain green coffee extract. They're rumoured to boost your metabolism, speed up your weight loss, and curb your appetite.

But before investing any of your money into these products, it's good to weigh up the pros and cons. Are you a fitness fanatic? Or do you simply want to lose weight? Keep reading, we'll talk about the pros and cons of Hydroxycut, if it really works, and what would potentially fit your needs the best.

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What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is branded as a weight-loss aid. It originated from the company MuscleTech Research and Development, but in late 2003 to early 2004 it was sold to the new and current owners, iovate Health Sciences.

The weight-loss supplement has been under substantial criticism over the years in the wake of some alarming scandals. Despite that, they were able to reprogram, reformulate, and regain their spot as one of the top brands of weight-loss aid in the U.S.

Today, they sell a range of different products, specially formulated to fit the needs of their various consumers. Whether you're a competing bodybuilder, an athlete, or a new mom trying to lose the stubborn baby weight, you're likely to find a fit for you.

As I stated earlier, their supplements work to boost your metabolism, trigger weight loss and reduce your appetite. But some of their products even have added ingredients to give you more energy for your workouts or keep you energized for the rest of your day.

Short Overview

Here is a short overview of their four different ranges of products.

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss Premium
  • Non-Stimulant (no caffeine)
  • Organic
  • Sport

Most of these contain different vitamins such as vitamin B, C and D. These have shown to be a useful aid while losing weight as they protect against a type of acid released in the blood during weight loss.

The ProClinical Hydroxycut products both contain apple cider vinegar. Vinegar, in general, has been proven to curb appetites and may even put a damper on your sweet tooth.

Some of the company’s premium products are made with other ingredients, such as probiotics, which will help keep the right balance in your digestive system, and biotin which is added to enhance the well-being of your hair and nails. These will also help boost your metabolism.

Most of their products also contain caffeine. As of yet, experts are not exactly sure how this helps with weight loss, but one study did show that people who are able to maintain a healthy weight, usually consume caffeine during the day. On the other hand, those who avoided it weren't as successful at keeping their goal weight.

If you are sensitive toward caffeine, don't worry, Hydroxycut also carries a line called Non-Stimulant. These are allegedly caffeine-free and safe to use. They do still contain the other useful ingredients, such as vitamins and apple cider vinegar.

Some of their more superior products, such as those found in the sports range, contain a few different components, one of which is thermogenesis. This ingredient will generate heat inside your body which could aid your weight loss. It basically magnifies your overall fat burn. Other products within this line also have added benefits which are claimed to enable an extra boost of energy and enhance your focus.

Does It Work?

It's not always easy to answer such a question because everyone is different, so results do vary. But when looking at their hallmark ingredient C. canephora robusta (green coffee beans), it seems like a winner.

Several studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of this unique coffee bean pertaining to weight-loss in humans, and for the most part, the bean is a success.

One study showed that those who were taking the supplement containing C. canephora robusta actually lost more weight than those who were given the placebo. The difference was only moderate, but it was noticeable.

This bean stems from Sub-Saharan Africa; the western world first discovered it in 1862. When it was initially brought to the U.S. it was deemed a "worthless bean" due to its unappealing smell. It was then sold as a low-quality coffee. (You may have tried it in a vending machine coffee!). However, it contains a much higher percentage of caffeine than its cousins, which is probably why Hydroxycut utilizes it in their products.

Another study, which was linked on the Hydroxycut website, was carried out on people who were given a supplement containing the main ingredient, Svetol, for 60 days. They lost an average of 10.95 lbs (4.99 kg). Their placebo counterparts only lost 5.40 lbs (2.44 kg). Svetol, the active ingredient, is a green coffee bean extract. For the study, they hired 50 subjects of both genders aged between 19 and 75 years, all of whom had a BMI of more than 25 (nearing obesity).

But this only enforces the fact that the coffee bean does have its benefits when it comes to aiding weight loss. If it's necessary to get it from a supplement or by drinking more coffee, I'll leave that for you to decide. However, it should be noted that its effects do diminish after being roasted. Although, if you're not much into the coffee taste, the supplement might be a better option to aid your weight-loss.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

GE Profile Oven

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen features a never-before-seen combination of Coleus Forskolii, Yohimbe, Guayusa and Blue Scullcap (Scutellaria) to deliver an unparalleled sensory effect! It also contains green coffee for real weight loss results. Subjects taking the key ingredient in Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen (green coffee extract [C. canephora robusta]) lost 10.95 lbs. in 60 days with a low-calorie diet and 3.7 lbs. in an 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise. Most thermogenic formulas don’t have any scientific studies backing their key weight loss ingredients, let alone two!


  • Credibility
  • Energy Booster
  • Less Interest in High-Calorie Food
  • check
    Less Appetite
  • check
    Easy Consumption
  • check
    Sugar Free


  • Caused stomach problem for some users
  • In the early 2000s, their products did contain a hazardous substance called ephedra

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Weight Loss Pills for Women & Men | Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen |...
  • Powerful results
  • Researched and scientifically dosed key weight loss ingredients
  • Delivers extreme energy and mental focus


It is now time to dig a bit deeper into the pros of Hydroxycut. I'll begin with what I feel is the biggest benefit, namely the fact that they don't try to sell it as a "magical" product which helps you burn fat overnight.

Now, I'm not sure if this is just a smart strategy on their part, luring me to believe in its effects. But I must say, it makes it seem more realistic.


Hydroxycut stresses the fact that you should incorporate their supplements into a healthy lifestyle, meaning a wholesome diet and regular exercise. They even provide healthy recipes and a "transformation program" to help you reach your goal. In other words, they seem more believable in that they really want to help you.

They even have an app to help you keep track of your progress. It offers updates on new recipes and reminders to drink water. This is not only a great sales strategy but also good for you personally.

Energy Booster

Another pro is the added ingredients to boost your energy levels. This is very useful, primarily if you're working on a tight schedule and you must go straight from the gym to work or vice versa.

Exercise does improve energy levels, but if you add stress, work and chores, it's bound to wear you down.

Less Interest in High-Calorie Food

Due to the various ingredients, especially the apple cider vinegar, you won't have the same cravings for "bad food" as you'd normally have. This will neutralize your taste buds,, which normally have you going for the fatty or sugary foods, and gives you an opportunity to enhance it with new, healthy eating experiences .

Less Appetite

Most of their products will also help you control that raging appetite. However, this benefit claim must be taken with a grain of salt because an increased appetite can also be due to psychological reasons, for example, stress or exhaustion, or even addictions.

Easy Consumption

The products are reasonably easy to take. The gummies are reported to have a decent taste as do their drink mixes. The capsule should also be simple to swallow with little choking hazards. Just make sure to take them at the recommended time.

Sugar Free

This might be a given, seeing that it's a weight loss supplement, but I feel it's important to mention because some manufacturers do indeed add loads of sugar. However, Hydroxycut's products are not known to contain any sugar so you won't add unnecessary calories to your diet by consuming them.


Hydroxycut does seem to be very effective. If taken continuously, you should be able to see a significant improvement. Just remember to combine them with a healthy lifestyle.


I wasn't able to find many negatives, but there is one big one I feel should be mentioned.

In the early 2000s, their products did contain a hazardous substance called ephedra. This was linked to several deaths, due to the harmful effects it had on various organs. Fortunately, the company later reformulated.

But some of the new ingredients, when used long-term, can also cause damage to the liver, which could eventually lead to further complications.

Other side effects could include insomnia, nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dizziness.


Now we've told you more about Hydroxycut and some of its pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide if it’s the product you’re looking for. It does seem to be useful for weight loss and could be just what you need to kickstart or take your fitness journey one step further.

It is, of course, essential to be aware of its side effects. But, hopefully, bearing these in mind, you will make up your mind to find out if Hydroxycut works for you, or give it a miss and look elsewhere for your weight loss supplements.