Weight Gain After Getting Married – Why?

Introduction And Background
In this age and era, a lot of people try to find everything wrong to do with marriage. Some are scared of it because they might have seen people getting divorced or an unsuccessful marriage in their own family. However, there are some who are afraid of marriage for entirely another reason; weight gain. People do gain after getting married. There are a number of reasons for that and while it does not happen to all the couples who have gotten hitched, it does happen to most of them. This article will aim to explain why exactly does weight gain occur after marriage and which gender is most susceptible to increasing the number of pounds than the other.

After The Wedding
Since the wedding is over, so is the diet you’ve been following to look amazingly good on it. This means that you have suddenly let go of your fitness regime and are eating normally again without gradually increasing your food intake. This can have effects on your body such as quick weight gain in the usual places. And since you are trying to adjust to a new place and whether or not they want to admit it or not, all newlyweds face stress adjusting to a new environment. This can take its toll as extra calories and stress make for a perfect weight gain combination. This is why most people need to be well aware of handling stress and not giving in to any tensions. They need to calmly deal with the changes and should take extra care of their diet.

Dinners And Parties
Another thing that happens once you have tied the knot is the parties and dinners that are held in your honor, which you cannot even get out of and cannot eat little at. It is a somewhat tradition in most families and in most countries, to give the bride and groom a dinner and if you have many friends and a large family, sometimes the dinners can go on for months, happening on a weekly basis especially on the weekends. You obviously cannot eat very little there because that would look rude and thus, the burgeoning calories will make you gain weight. And since you cannot avoid the parties held especially in your honor, weight gain becomes a little inevitable after marriage, unless you hold up an exercise regime which most people find it hard to take out time for.

Eating Out
Aside from the parties and dinners held, couples like to eat out themselves for the first couple of months. This can also be an added factor to gaining weight after getting married. The eating habits are changing and you also begin to like eating what your spouse likes to eat.

Less Attention To Body
It is also a psychological factor that once you’re married, you become very careless about how your body looks. Since you are hitched and your husband or wife accepts you for who you are, being size zero or looking attractive does not come in the list anymore which means that you are free to eat anything you want or lead a lazy lifestyle, both of which lead to weight gain. Thus, paying little attention to the body does come after you’re married and it is again a factor of why you might gain after marriage.

Hormonal Changes
This might be a little factor but a factor nonetheless. After getting married, hormonal changes do occur and this can lead to fat deposition in places which never happened before. However, this reason does not play a huge role but does play a role nonetheless.

Which Gender Is Likely To Gain More Weight?
The answer to that would be women. Women are more likely to gain weight than men because it is their routine that changes the most after marriage. They are the ones to adjust to a newer environment in most societies of the world. And of course, they are the ones to gain more pounds because of the food parties and since they are the ones to cater to the kitchen after marriage, that is also an added factor behind their weight gain. While it is true that men and women both gain weight after marriage, women are likely to gain more weight while men are more likely to control it still.

While weight gain may seem inevitable after marriage when you’re done reading this article, it is not a good enough reason to not want to get married! Marriage is a beautiful union and even though weight gain might happen after it, that’s okay too because your spouse is here to stay and accepts you the way you are. Hence, try not to eat a lot at your wedding dinners and you’ll be good.