Water as an Appetite Suppressant

Introduction and background

Those who are obese will take great pains in searching for the right diet. They will search online for the perfect diet or the perfect pills that are promising enough to lose tons of pounds. They will make an effort and starve themselves not knowing how harmful it could be to do the body. They will revert to different drugs and supplements, not knowing if it will suit them or not. They will try hormones, they will try diets, and they will try appetite suppressants. But they are not aware that one of the the biggest and most effective appetite suppressants is right in front of them; Water.

How water acts as an appetite suppressant?

It seems improbable that water could suppress the appetite. Many argue that water does not fulfil hunger pangs and does not have any taste to satisfy the body. This isn’t true. Truth be told, without water, there would probably be no digestion present as water is seventy percent of our body weight. But that is beside the point. The thing is, if you drink water and a sufficient amount at that, it will help you to eat less. Our stomach should always be one third full of water before a meal so that we don’t get carried away with the food. It lessens the appetite and helps to get over the feeling that we have an empty stomach. But remember, no matter what you do, you’ll have to bear at least a little hunger. There is no way a person can lose the extra pounds without tolerating a little to lose the added weight.

Does water affect weight loss?

This is a fact that people who drink water, there are higher chances that they aren’t obese. Water is the perfect appetite suppressant and aids weight loss in ways you can’t even imagine. Did you know water helps the body to utilize the fat in it for energy? Did you know that water helps to improve the energy levels of a human so that they can use more energy and efficiently at that? Did you know that water is a natural appetite suppressant because you feel content after eating a little if you’ve drunk enough water before a meal? So does water affect weight loss? Yes, it does. It might be a trick to play on the body but it works so what’s the problem? It isn’t impossible to believe, is it?

Other benefits of water

Water is a natural appetite suppressant and affects weight loss. There are other benefits to using water as well. Some of them are:
• Water helps remove all the toxic material present in the body. That means the liver gets a little rest in that area and can work more efficiently to digest the fats.
• It enhances the working mechanism of the metabolism. If the metabolism is faster, then that means the calorie burning machine is working at a rapid rate, thus weight loss chances are higher.
• It does not cost you anything. It is the most natural and free supplement you could ever get for weight loss and perfect health.
• It has sodium and other trace elements your body needs at a daily basis.
• Chemical reactions occur faster and your skin is fresher if your daily water intake is high.
• It maintains the temperature and keeps the fluidity of the joints. It is a natural lubricant of the body you could say.
• Water makes the transportation around the body faster. The nutrients travel to their specific cells on time.


Water is the essence of life. It is the best blessing one can have. For the people who cannot afford all the herbal supplements or the other fat burning belts or the numerous other things available to help weight loss, they have water to look forward to. It will cost absolutely nothing and bring about everything. Everyone has to suffer with hunger a bit during their dieting process, no matter what diet they follow. With water, you’ll be getting the best of everything and with a little effort on your part, you will achieve what other will spend a lot of money on; a perfect and healthy body.

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