Water – A Zero Calorie Wonder

Introduction And Background
We often try to find something that can help us in our diet. Sometimes we look for the rarest of things, perhaps a certain herb, which we believe will have the means to make us thinner and magically burn all the fat. Sometimes we look towards different food items that can fill our stomach and appease the appetite. We often overlook the thing that is right under our noses, twenty four hours a day and has been known to help tremendously. Of course, it is water. This article will help to explain how it can help in your diet and how it can help your health in general as well.

It Is A Terrific Appetite Suppressant
For those of you have been on a diet and tried it out, they must be nodding in agreement at reading this and for those of you who have not – do try it out. It is a terrific appetite suppressant. When you are about to eat, drink water before having your meal, at least twenty to thirty minutes prior. You will feel the difference, and you will eat less. Why is this so? Well, your stomach is a bag which has limited space and if you are filling some of that space up with water, there is little left for the food which means that you will feel full sooner. However, do bear in mind not to drink water immediately after a meal and to wait about half an hour before indulging your thirst if you have any. The reason behind this is that when you drink water right after you’ve had your meal, you are probably expanding your stomach and increasing the appetite. Another reason as to why you shouldn’t drink water after a meal is that your digestive enzymes are working under a certain medium on the food and the water will either delay it or disrupt the process which is not good for overall health.

It Has Zero Calories
This is probably the best out of all the reasons – water actually has no calories. You can drink as much of it as you’d like. And for those of you who are worried about the water weight, don’t be. It goes away after a little while in different regions such as stool, urine, sweat and even the reactions which require water to be used up in the body. In any case, if you really are in the mood for a drink, think about water. Not only will it quench your thirst more than anything else, it will also be better for your body than anything else you can have.

It Is A Detoxifier
Did you know that water actually detoxified your body and is the medium for most of the reactions that are to take place in your body? Well, if you did not know that already, start thinking about it now. It can actually get rid of the many toxins present and you need it to add a nice environment to the body, to get rid of the urea and creatinine as well. Needless to say, water has a pretty important role to play.

Alertness And Sound Mind
Have you ever noticed that you might be really tired and even irritable at times when you have not had enough to eat or drink? Actually, you do not even need to eat or drink for that, all you need to do is have water and it will instantly make you feel better. Try it out sometimes, you’ll see the difference.

Better Looking Skin
All men and women want really good looking skin and what can bring that about? Yes, having lots of water and staying hydrated. The skin requires water the most and loses water content regularly. If you are not staying hydrated, your skin can get dry and sunken and look really sallow and pale too. And people make the mistake of thinking that during wintertime, they don’t need to drink water because neither do they feel thirsty nor they aren’t sweating either. Actually, skin loses more water during wintertime because of less moisture around and this is why one should use creams and lotions in winters and also drink a lot of water for better looking skin.

The conclusion you can draw from this article is that water is probably seventy percent of the entire planet and also sixty percent of the entire body. From this too we should gather the importance of water but alas, if you want proper details you have them now. Try drinking about eight to nine glasses a day, even during wintertime when you don’t feel thirsty or feel like having it either. It will really help beautify your skin, decrease your appetite and help your mood.