Water – A Miraculous Appetite Suppressant

Introduction and Background

There has been a lot of research going on to find out ways in which one can reduce their appetite or to use the regularly used word, suppress it. The field of medicine has brought in some major breakthroughs that have resulted in several medicines that can bring down your appetite visibly by playing with your hormones. But the question that has to be raised at this point is simple. Is it really worth it taking all those medicines with God knows what side effects? What if there was a way to suppress one’s appetite without going into the trouble of taking medicines that could cause you other problems? It is pretty much obvious that the answer to that question would be a definite yes, given the amount of awareness that is spreading among the common people about synthetically produced cures. So what is it that hasn’t yet been talked about? The answer to that, ladies and gentlemen is one word; nature. Nature has pretty much always given us an alternative way to solve all our medical problems using naturally growing or occurring phenomena. One of the things that have been given to us by nature that can effectively suppress our appetites is easily available all around us. In fact, it is 70% of all earth itself. Yes, I am talking about water. It is the simplest of all creations of nature, the number of uses of which cannot be counted in a single go. So how does water really affect our appetite? Read on to find out all about it.

The impact of water on appetite

When feeling hungry, there is only one feeling that can make us feel satisfied and that is a full stomach. So what if we drink lots of water? Well it is as simple as it gets. If you drink enough water to make you feel full and then just control yourself from grabbing the next edible thing you find lying around, the job is done right there. The feeling of hunger gets killed completely.

The science

The impact of water on appetite is something that has been thoroughly studied by researchers too. Several studies have been conducted where two groups have been devised to study this impact. The first is the control group which eats food like any normal person would in their normal routine and the second group is one which is tasked with drinking an average of two glasses of water before starting their meal. The result, as per the expectations, was the same. The group that drank two glasses of water before starting their meal showed that their appetite was considerably less than that of the control group and as a result, so was their calorie intake.


Drinking water before meals has a lot of benefit to the body. In addition to achieving the primary objective which is the suppression of appetite, it also helps in the digestion of food and the cleansing of the body. Using water as a way to curb sudden pangs of hunger is deemed very effective by doctors and nutritionists all over the world and the reason is the absolute effectiveness it shows in suppressing the appetite.


It is recommended that you drink two glasses of water before every meal and make it a habit. However too much water is also not good for your body so keep the intake limited to half a liter max in a single turn. With the results of various researches showing that water really is effective for suppressing appetite and causing weight loss, it is very clear that in your fight against the extra fat in your body and your bad eating habits, water can a very powerful ally of yours.