Vitamins That Can Suppress Your Appetite

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​Introduction and background

By nature and biochemical composition, vitamins are considered micronutrients i.e. those nutrients that are to be taken in very small sizes and yet are essential for our vital living processes, growth and development. However, not many of us are aware of a very unique and interesting role of certain vitamins i.e. they can suppress one’s appetite and, hence, can help one lose or maintain body weight. The following article will help you discover and know more about such vitamins. Keep reading.

​What vitamins are appetite suppressants?

Contrary to the popular belief not all vitamins suppress appetite. In fact, in some cases, vitamins can actually make people feel hungry by boosting their metabolism. According to published clinical studies, research and journal articles, the following main vitamins are considered as natural appetite suppressants:

​Vitamin B Complex

​Multiple “B” vitamins that can help control hunger and suppress appetite include B2, B3, B5 and B6 . Vitamin B3, for example, is associated with the spikes in blood sugar levels and is released when a person eats something (which results in the rise in his blood sugar or glucose levels). Similarly, vitamin B5 helps mediate the function of thyroid gland which is directly related to the control of metabolism.

Vitamin B complex vitamins can be found in a variety of food resources such as milk, liver, green leafy vegetables, seeds, beans, legumes and vitamin supplements.

​Vitamin C

​While vitamin C has many benefits such as skin healing, bleeding control, anti-ageing properties and all, one of its major benefits is its effect on metabolism. It has been shown in a number of studies that Vitamin C has a strong anti-suppressant effect. One of the theories that explain this effect states that it is probably because Vitamin C is mostly found in citrous fruits which, in turn, have a lot of anti-oxidants. One of the typical example of such vitamin C effect is the use of green tea as a herbal appetite suppressant. A standard green tea typically contains both vitamins and anti-oxidants. Regular consumption of green tea increases metabolic rate and yet slows down the calorie output. This, in turn, leads to the appetite reducing effects.

Vitamin C is abundantly found in citrous fruits such as oranges, grapefruit,  apples, lemons, tangerines, berries and tomatoes.

​How about using appetite suppressing vitamins in the form of supplements?

While it is true that the best source of such vitamins is fresh fruits and vegetables, many times it is not possible to get them regularly. Furthermore, most fruits and vegetables are seasonal and are quite expensive as well. In such scenario, using a recommended quality multi vitamin supplement may work. There are quite a few good natural or herbal supplements that may actually work as strong appetite suppressants are composed of natural organic herbs, anti-oxidants and vitamins particularly vitamin B complex and vitamin C. For those who do not go for all-natural appetite suppressants, another best option is of over the counter appetite suppressants. These are generally safe and cost-effective and give you numerous other health benefits as well. However, due to wide variety available in the market, it’s relatively tough to choose one that will suit you the best.

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As a matter of fact, weight loss always involves reducing calorie intake relative to calorie expenditure. You can accomplish this in only two ways: Burn more calories (through exercise or increased metabolism) or eat fewer calories. However, there’s an issue with the later as eating fewer calories will definitely ignite your desire to eat more i.e. will make you hungry. That’s why the biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss is controlling your appetite.

Fortunately, however, there are appetite suppressants which can help you overcome this challenge. Remember, if you can control your appetite, you can prevent overeating and you can lose weight easier. There are many appetite suppressants and some are much better and safer than others, some are all-natural and some are some are less expensive. The key to finding the right choice is to do some research. Ideally, you should choose an appetite suppressant that will work in a “natural” way to reduce your food cravings without causing any side effects or health complications. This article will help you make your decision easier.

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