Understanding Simple And Complex Carbs

Introduction And Background
Simple carbs or complex carbs, the word scares us to death doesn’t it? It is also one of the most lovable words though because who doesn’t love carbs? It is found almost in every single food. It is found in your breakfast, the dessert you are going to have and even the bag of chips lying on the floor. But you should understand what you are having as it can really help you to rethink everything and to analyze better what kind of foods you should be eating. It has been known that most people are more likely to consume carbs than any other nutrition present. Well, considering that it is the type of food that most people have the most, you should understand it better too.

The Key Is To…
People think that avoiding carbs is what they should do when they are on a diet or are trying to be fitter than they are. Well, the key here is not to avoid carbs but to choose the right ones for your diet. Now you might be wondering what are simple carbs and complex carbs and which ones are the right ones for us? Well, there is a simple answer to this but you will have to wait a little for it

What Are Simple Carbs?
If it is to be explained in the simplest of terms, simple carbs are actually the sugar content present in your foods. Sugar as we all know can be glucose, fructose, sucrose and all the other elements that we have studied in our science classes. If you are not a science student, you must have heard of glucose and fructose though in earlier classes! Well, they are the simple carbs. They are present in some foods in good amounts and in some foods in minute amounts.

What Are Complex Carbs?
Now, the complex carbs are the starches and the fiber that is present in food. You all have heard of these names and truth be told, there are many who actually wondered whether or not fiber and starch are a nutrition on their own or whether or not they belong to a certain group. Well, they are actually carbs, the complex carbs. They are also present in many foods.

Which Is The Better One?
While some might be waiting for the answer, many can already tell by now after knowing what complex carbs are and what simple carbs are to know which one is the better one. Well, complex carbs are the better category and you should be having them in your diet rather than simple carbs. However, the food industry does not exactly give these two names on the nutrition label. You will see either names of sugar or something like fiber percentage. You will have to figure out on your own which foods to buy.

Present Everywhere – Simple Carbs?
It is fairly harder to avoid simple carbs because they are present almost everywhere but they are the carbs that should be avoided if one is trying to lose weight. It is present in dairy products, in snacks, the biscuits and crackers and even in the sodas you drink. The cereals you have in the morning also have a high percentage of simple carbs. Juices, which are considered healthy, also contain simple carbs, whether they are fresh or packaged.

Complex Situations Are Better
If you want to have carbs in your diet and are wondering which ones to choose, the complex the situation the better it is. They can be found in your whole grains, your fruits and vegetables and the nuts you eat at home, the beans and even in products which have a lot of fiber and starch in them. Usually it is evident on labels. Apples are also one of the most famous fruits to have these complex carbs because they have a lot of fiber in them and are lower in calories and extremely appetizing. Sometimes dieters think of it as the perfect fruit to have when one is trying to lose weight. And another thing you must know, table sugars are also simple sugars. Don’t think of them as complex. Even brown sugar is a simple sugar because people often mistake it to be a complex carbohydrate. It is not.

Now that you have understood the differences between complex carbs and simple carbs and know which one of them is the better option for you, you will perhaps be in a wiser position to choose now. You know the foods that can be good for you and you know the foods that are not that good for you. Hence, if you are planning to lose weight, keep all the carbohydrates business in mind before deciding to eat something out of the blue.