Understanding Appetite

Understanding Appetite, Hunger And Satiety

Introduction And Background
Many a times, a person confuses these three terms and when they read about it, they often do not understand the entire thing being explained. This article will aim to tell you what really is meant by these terms and how one can easily understand them. If you want to lose weight and are researching, you need to know these terms otherwise you will get confused and might not understand the mechanism of what is going on. It is really alright, people confuse these words all the time but in the end, knowing the difference is the key.

Understanding Appetite
Appetite is how much you can actually stand to eat and be satisfied. You might have heard a lot of people use the terms “I have a large appetite” or “my appetite has suddenly grown smaller”. They are actually referring to the amount of food they can eat. Those who have large appetites will obviously be eating more and those who have small appetites will obviously be eating less. Controlling the appetite is one of the major things one has to do in a diet. Actually, it is probably the most important thing. The diets that fail have failed because most men and women found it difficult to control their appetites. They couldn’t just stick to what they were eating and found it hard to resist their favorite foods. If one is able to reduce the appetite, they can lose weight pretty quickly because then they do not eat that much. And when you aren’t eating much, you are losing more calories than you are taking in which easily leads to weight loss.

Controlling Appetite
Now that you know about appetite, you must be wondering how you can control it. Controlling the appetite has several techniques to it but you have to understand that it will be hard and a lot of involves reducing the stomach size. It will be hard at first but once you get used to it, you will automatically be reducing your appetite and will eventually find it hard to eat more than you can. Usually we just keep stuffing ourselves but with appetite control, it’s easier to stay away from doing any such thing.

Understanding Hunger
Hunger is entirely another phenomenon. Hunger does not have much to do with your appetite. It is true that people who are hungry have larger appetites but anyone can be hungry at any time and they can easily be satisfied if their appetites are small. Thus, the feeling of hunger usually comes when your body needs energy and you need to fuel it up. You won’t feel hungry right after having breakfast now, would you? You will feel hungry somewhere in the middle of the day, when your stomach is empty and is probably sending signals to your brain to eat something so that your body can get instant energy instead of using up the storage.

Controlling Hunger
Controlling hunger is not that hard, did you know that? There are numerous ways in which you can control your hunger but it has a lot to do with controlling your appetite. The more you reduce your appetite, the less hungry you will begin to feel. Then you won’t be in the habit of stuffing yourself. Another way to control hunger is to have a little patience. There are psychiatrists which talk about a technique you can apply. Whenever you cannot control your hunger and want to eat something, perhaps a slice of cake, that you know will ruin your diet, you only have to look at the cake a full ten seconds while shaking your head from side to side saying no. This helps you to remember your goal and when the ten seconds are over, you are in a better position to stay away from your cravings.

Understanding Satiety
Satiety is another word for being satisfied. And that is different for every human being and is very much related to the two words discussed before. If you are hungry but have a small appetite, you will achieve satiety soon after eating. If you are hungry and have large appetites, you will probably not be satisfied till you have filled up your stomach to the brim.

Controlling Satiety
You cannot control satiety by itself, it is a feeling you get. The most you can do is to control your appetite and hunger pangs so that you can get satiety even with the little you eat.

Now that you fully understand the terms, you will better be able to judge what problems you are having and you now know that appetite is perhaps the most crucial element connecting the three things. Thus, keep your appetite small, you will be satisfied with whatever you eat and hunger pangs won’t be a common occurrence.

Understanding Appetite

Introduction And Background

Rarely do we understand our human body until we are forced to. For instance, no one will pay attention to what makes the skin beautiful and healthy until they are stuck with acne. Only then will they research and fret about to see what will heal their skin. The same is the case with obese people. Only after the weight gain will they think find ways to lose weight or to instill in themselves an understanding of eating less or to eat foods that will not give them many calories. In this process, they also begin to understand this thing called appetite. We’ve all heard the word and we know the word. But we need to understand it a little more in order to control it.

What Is Appetite?
Appetite is the word which describes your hunger. For example, when someone says they have a ‘large appetite’, it means they will eat a lot. Similarly, if someone says they have ‘lost their appetite’, it means that they are not hungry anymore and will not eat. So basically, appetite describes how hungry you are. You must have heard the word a lot if you are dieting.

What Controls The Appetite?
The simple answer is; you. You control the appetite. Your habits, your likeness for food and the size of your stomach all play a part in how big your appetite is. If the size of your stomach is small, you will obviously feel full sooner than most and that will give you a smaller appetite. If your stomach size has increased because you eat more than your body’s normal requirements, you have a large appetite.

Appetite And Weight
The more you eat, chances are the more weight you’ll actually gain. Appetite and weight have a very close relationship; one that you might gave recognized after reading the above paragraph. You have to control your appetite. Most of the dieters do not have any trouble with following the exercise routine if their timetable allows it but they do have problems with controlling their appetite. The number one reason of why most diets fail is because many dieters are unable to control or tolerate their hunger pangs initially and end up ruining their diet or letting go of it completely. Hence, in order to lose weight you need to control your appetite.

How To Control The Appetite?
There are numerous ways in which one can control the appetite. Now that you know the importance and understand what appetite really is and how it manages weight, it is your duty to ensure that you do not go overboard with your appetite. There are many health benefits to controlling it, ones that you’ll read later.

  • Drink water before every meal. This is one of the top most and best ways of reducing your appetite. Water will fill your stomach and you will have less space for food. Always do this before lunch, breakfast or dinner. It will surely help you in the long run.
  • Always stop eating before you feel content. Try to maintain a balanced diet and always stop before you feel full. This might be hard to do but once you get into the habit of it, you will enjoy feeling slim and smart.
  • Eat your food slowly. Do not eat it quickly because that will give your brain the feeling that it has not eaten enough and you will probably eat more. Enjoy bites and chew the food properly and slowly.
  • There are ways of suppressing the appetite. Many wear belts so that their stomach is pulled in automatically, creating no more space for the food even if you want to have more. There are also appetite suppressing pills, of the herbal kind and the medicinal. They are easily available in the market and some of them are also recommended to be without any side effects!

Benefits Of Controlling The Appetite
You might not be able to see it yet but there are various benefits of controlling the appetite. True, the hunger pangs might drive you insane at first but if you manage to uphold the control for a few days, you will get used to it. Controlling the appetite not only ensures that you do not become obese but you generally stay fit and healthy. You are also saved from many diseases such as cholesterol problems or heart disease or even blood pressure problems.

Understanding the appetite, as you can see, is essential. If you are trying to lose weight or want to stay healthy your entire life, this is the way to go about it. Controlling the appetite is necessary. Without it, there is no doubt that you won’t be able to lose any weight and you might encounter health problems if you overeat your entire life.