Top Appetizers To Avoid While Dieting

Introduction And Background

Dieting is hard. It makes you stop having the foods you want. It makes you stop going out to the places where food is actually available. And it turns you into a hermit cooking diet food at home because you really need to lose weight. Yes, we all know how hard dieting can be. But you don’t need to make it harder on yourself. There are ways around it, only if you knew how. You can actually eat out without ruining your diet you know? All you have to do is be smart, and of course, read this article.


Can You Eat Out While On A Diet?

Of course you can eat out. There is no diet which tells you to stay put at home and not have a little fun. But do not get carried away while you’re out. There are many restaurants and joints which provide a menu with fat free or low calorie meals. You can have them when you’re not in the mood to stay at home and eat the diet foods again and again. But keep one thing in mind. The meals can be fat free and to your leisure but the appetizers, one must keep a watch over.



Why Are Appetizers Dangerous In A Diet?

Some people do not know this, but appetizers are an entire meal altogether. Appetizers are usually a must because it is hard for almost everyone to sit still and wait for their meals unless they are in a fast food joint. So the order of appetizers is almost unavoidable. But appetizers are in fact a dangerous addition and can easily make you gain weight. They are not fat free at all and mostly consist of fried foods or foods that will certainly not come in the list of things to have while on a diet. They can easily ruin your diet. Do not get carried away with appetizers at a restaurant, thinking that they won’t do much harm.


How To Avoid Appetizers?

This can be a little difficult to do because it involves patience. And since the time for the meal to arrive is not exactly in seconds and people find it hard to wait for their meal without appetizers, only a little patience can help in this case. Or you can take some sugar free gum along to chew at before your meal arrives. But then, that wouldn’t look too nice.

Top Appetizers To Avoid While Dieting

Since avoiding appetizers is a difficult option, the better option is to know what appetizers to avoid. You can still have that part of your meal, but with careful contentment this time. Here are a few appetizers to avoid:

• Fried Finger Fish. They may seem like sticks of protein to you but they’ve been fried. That means they contain more fat than proteins and have more calories than the main course you’ve ordered! Anything with the word fried in it is forbidden to you my friend because you’re on a diet and it can ruin that!

• Anything with the word cream, sauce, sizzled, fried, cheese and buttered is forbidden. Take these words as a hint to you that these appetizers are off limits.

• Fried Onions. Now, onions are a vegetable yes. They may seem harmless to you but know this, there is nothing vegetable-y about it at the moment. Once the onions are fried, they are long gone from the list of things you should be having. They consume a lot of oil and it’ll probably be like taking spoonfuls of oil rather than having an onion ring.

• Salads that have heavy dressing on them. Salads are generally the appetizers you should be having but sometimes they are more fattening than the original course. Before you order a salad, be sure to check what it contains and if it has a lot of fatty substances, avoid it. If you really want to have it though, you can request someone to change some of the ingredients of the salad to your liking.

• Mozzarella Sticks. They are favorite appetizers for some people who just love eating the gooey cheese that comes in the mouth after a single bite. Cheese is a big no for whoever is on a diet so that makes mozzarella sticks a big no as an appetizer for those on a diet. They have a lot of calories and should be the farthest thing from your mind while you’re looking at the appetizer menu to order something.

• Anything that has potato in it. There will be a lot of things on the menu with this item as an ingredient. Best to avoid it.



Ordering a good appetizer that won’t make you ruin your diet isn’t that hard. You should just know what your priorities are and everything else will make its way. Just be sensible while ordering something and avoid the foods mentioned above.