There is No Such Thing as Ideal Diet – How Weight Loss Really Works?

Trying to lose weight is something that is the prime focus of a lot of people nowadays and to achieve that goal people have tried to find the perfect solution in every related field. However since the world today is so fast paced and the people who are suffering from obesity are in a constant search of finding a way to solve their weight problems in a way that doesn’t require constant effort. To answer that call, companies and researchers all over the world have started putting an immense amount of resources into finding what we now know as “the perfect diet”. A miraculous eating routine or foods that would somehow make them lose all their excess weight simply by eating it and doing nothing. However, if you focus on the words you will see the paradox clearly. Eating and not doing anything with it IS the prime cause of being overweight. How do these people expect to get into perfect shape when they are not even willing to put in the effort that is required to not only control the diet but also bring the body into action? The simple fact is that it is a three way street. There has to be a perfect balance between exercise, diet and suppressing your appetite. Read on to find out more about how each of these factors works towards losing your excess weight permanently.


It goes without saying that this is the most important factor when it comes to losing excess body weight. The impact that exercise has on the body is two-fold. When you exercise, your body starts to burn the calories in the body that are readily available for consumption. But after a while they run out and the body starts tapping into the fat reserves and the stored energy starts getting utilized. In the beginning this process is slow and daunting as the body is not used to doing this but eventually that changes and your speed of losing the fat start getting better and better. To put it in simple words, it’s a very straight-forward formula. You are throwing out excess fat by burning it off. It can be established very easily here that to truly lose excess weight, doing regular exercise and making it your habit is something that is extremely necessary.


What you eat is what you eventually turn out to be. It is very important that you eat food that is not only nutritious but also provides the body with a refreshing feeling. Eating junk food and other things that are dripping with fat are not only harmful themselves but when it comes to digestion, they give the digestive system a very hard time. Having a balanced diet that involves very limited amount of calories being consumed in a healthy way is necessary. Make sure you consume a lot of fibers as they help in digestion a lot. Also find a good nutritionist who can devise for you a diet that is balanced and proactive.

Appetite Suppression

This is one of the most proven methods for making the body lose weight without causing any side effects. Done using hormonal drugs like HCG, it gets your body to tune itself in a way that it starts to accept the condition where your calorie intake is very low. As a result, even though you are not consuming enough calories, your body is still functioning normally without showing any symptoms of hunger or starvation.


There is no denying the fact that it is impossible to lose weight merely by eating a particular food and sitting idle. You have to bring all three things mentioned above into your lifestyle to truly lose weight in a permanent manner.