The Science Of Weight Loss Due To Low Calorie Diet

Introduction And Background
People think weight loss is a mechanism that they have to understand. They look for ways and loopholes inside their body that might enable them to eat as much as they’d like but also lose weight along with it. It does not work like that. Weight loss is simple mathematics to be honest. You burn more than you take in, fat store reserves get used up and that is how one loses weight. The entire science of weight loss is explained in this one sentence. However, understand further why low calorie diets are necessary and why it is the most important factor towards weight loss.

Low Calorie Diets
Low calorie diets mean that you are suddenly eating foods that do not contain a lot of energy and are just enough to provide your body with the necessities and essential nutrients so no damage is done. If one starves, then damage is done. But low calorie diets are not at all dangerous and are in fact much less dangerous than obesity itself. Nonetheless, the science of how they work is, you shift to low calorie diets and your body’s metabolic rate works the same way in the same routine. The only thing that has changed is that you are now eating less than before which means that your body will have to use up the fat reserves you have saved for energy. Once the body starts to use those reserves, you start to lose weight. Understood?

What About Exercise?
Ah, this is one of the top and most favorite question of most dieters. What about exercise then? Exercise is important, very important towards weight loss but it is not the key tool. They key tool is low calorie foods. Why is this so? Well, think about the maths again. If you are eating low calorie meals and also exercising, a perfect combination is made towards weight loss. You are eating less and will be burning calories more quickly as well now that you are exercising. But then, in another situation, think of a person who is eating as much as he wants to and is exercising as well. The person will not be losing any weight, he will just be maintaining it. Thus, this will explain why appetite suppression is more important than exercise!

Low Calorie Foods
You must be wondering about low calorie foods now that you’ve understood what it takes to lose weight. There are various foods you can add to your diet but you should know that high protein foods are the safest of all. They do not make you fat and even though people claim that eating proteins has made them muscular and has added muscle weight, it happens rarely and only when you exercise extensively to build muscles and have protein powder with it too! Other than that, a few low calorie foods you must consider are fruits such as apples, berries and avocados. They are actually pretty good to suppress the appetite, are high in fiber, low in calories, and you won’t have any trouble losing weight with them. In fact, you can eat them guilt free. Vegetables are also amongst the top contenders for your diet. The green leafy vegetables are the ones that are the healthiest, have a lot of iron in them and you won’t even have to worry about any calories with them either because everyone knows that vegetables cannot make you fat. And on a side note, potatoes do not count. They should definitely be on the fat list.

Low Calorie Diet A Necessity For Weight Loss
You cannot lose weight just by exercising, get this through your head. Low calorie diets are a necessity, a crucial thing to weight loss. A friend tried desperately to lose weight by running and jogging as much as he could but he never refrained from his burgers and shakes. He ended up toning his body a little but weight loss never happened. He claimed his weight might have shifted a kilogram or two but that normally happens as well to every human being with a slight shift in routine or diet. It had nothing to do with his jogging. Thus, know that low calorie diets are what you need if you want to lose weight.

The science of weight loss due to low calorie diets has been explained to you and you now full well understand where your priorities should lie. Low calorie diets mean that your body is consuming lesser calories than it is burning and that automatically means weight loss! Hence, do not be afraid to diet but ensure that your diet does not mean starvation. That can have severe health problems. Just stick to low calorie diets.