The Meal Of The Day You Should NEVER Skip

Introduction And Background
Dieting is not very complicated, as long as you know the basics. There are many people who think of dieting consistently and that means starving themselves throughout the day and then having something at night so at least they can sleep without their stomachs grumbling. Then come the people who don’t really have any mealtimes but just keep eating small snacks throughout the day, about every three hours. That too is the wrong approach. No matter what diet you are following, no matter what foods you are allowed to eat, there is one meal that you should absolutely never skip and that is breakfast!

Why Is Breakfast So Important?
Breakfast is important because it is the meal that starts your day and it is also the meal that defines your day. For instance, have you ever gone to the office or to school without having breakfast? Isn’t that a dreary day where you don’t even feel the least bit happy and keep wondering what to eat – and your probably end up eating junk any way because there is nothing like having a home cooked meal. Other than that, breakfast also kick-starts your metabolism. If you want your metabolism to go slow and burn calories on a lower rate, by all means go ahead and skip breakfast! But if you are worried about your weight and want a metabolic rate that goes on a faster level, don’t ever skip breakfast.

More Important Than Lunch
Yes, breakfast is way more important than lunch. Some men and women think that lunch is the meal that comes during midday and thus has the most importance but that’s wrong thinking. Lunch is actually a meal that can be skipped because you’ve already had a meal to begin the day and you can have tea to keep yourself going or even coffee if you’re not much of tea person. Don’t skip lunch actually but if you had to choose between the two, breakfast is more vital to your weight loss and healthy body function.

More Important Than Dinner
Again, breakfast is more important than dinner as well. Dinner is the meal the ends the day and if skipped can really empty your stomach and also make you lose weight at night while you’re asleep as well. There is the study which claims that going to bed on an empty stomach will lower your metabolic rate but we are not talking about the essentiality of dinner here, we are talking about whether or not it is more essential than breakfast. And the truth is, it is not. Even if you are dieting and want to pick one meal during the day that you do not want to compromise on, it should always be breakfast.

What Should You Have For Breakfast?
There are many things that you can have for breakfast and the standard is probably different for every country. There are many children around the world who have eggs and chicken or perhaps milk and cereal or even their traditional dishes such as paratha. There are numerous adults alongside who have tea or a sandwich or the same as their kids, milk and cereal or maybe an egg. However, there are two things to remember for breakfast. You should either have a high fiber meal or a high protein meal for breakfast. It is really very integral to remember this!

Why A High Protein Meal For Breakfast?
Proteins are one of the nutrients that are amazing to have in a diet. Not only do they give very few calories but they also make the building blocks of the body and are needed for growth and repair. Their story does not end their though. Proteins are the last of the matter to be digested in the stomach which means that any protein food will stay in your stomach for longer and since the stomach is not emptied quickly, it also means you will remain full for longer, staying away from unnecessary foods. Isn’t that what any dieter wants?

Why A High Fiber Meal For Breakfast?
While proteins decrease the appetite this way, fiber has another game going. It may not empty the stomach after a long time but it surely does empty the stomach and goes away from the body as well – completely. That is right, fiber has the capability to make you feel really full but also is not absorbed into the body in anyway, making it perfect for someone who is looking to lose weight. And it is the perfect way to start a day as well.

The bottom line is that the meal of the day you should never even think about skipping is breakfast due to all the reasons said above and so many more too!