The Magic Of Avocados For Weight Loss

Introduction And Background
Losing weight is more popular than world peace now. There are literally millions of people who are desperately trying to lose weight and are looking for new things to help them with it. There actually are various foods which can help with weight loss. Some of them may be appetizing and have very few calories while some of them may actually help to suppress the appetite. Avocados are definitely in that list but you might be wondering what avocados have that helps in weight loss. Read the article to know about the magic of avocados for weight loss!

It Helps In Maintaining Cholesterol Levels
Avocados are actually amazing at maintaining cholesterol levels! Did you know that there was a research conducted where three candidates were on several diet foods which helped maintain their fatty acid level and cholesterol level in the body. The candidate who was taking avocados had the best results! He had a significantly reduced amount of fatty acids in his body! Thus, could it be that avocados help in regulating fatty acid levels? Yes!

The Belly Fat
As most people would tell you, belly fat is probably the hardest place to lose weight from, right after the arms. These two things are the parts of the body where weight loss occurs last. But with avocados, the story might be different. Avocados play a significant role in reducing the amount of belly fat, kind of like the protein albumin in eggs which also helps to burn the fat around the belly. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Tired of the flabby stomach you are trying to hide in loose clothes? Better get yourself a jar of avocados to help yourself burn off the belly fat!

Appetizing And Nutritious
Avocados are not that high in calories but forget calories, their nutritional content is amazing. They have so many vitamins, some of them are pretty good at suppressing the appetite. And if you’ve eaten avocados, chances are rare that you’ll feel hungry afterwards because they are very appetizing. Hence, they can even work as an appetite suppressant. And did you also know that avocados are instrumental at fighting off the free radicals inside your body that are probably playing with your metabolism? Yes! Avocados help deal with that too. Since they are increasingly appetizing, it helps to control and suppress the appetite too this way.

Consuming Avocados Helps Lose Weight
The food quality overall of a person who consumes avocados is much better than one who does not. And that person is usually thinner than one who does not consume them. And the consumers have also reported their waist getting smaller which is a given since they are burning their belly fat easily!

Regulating Sugar
The blood sugar level spikes are not at all good for us and often mess up with the storage process or even the way our body releases insulin, a hormone which can initiate the appetite. However, avocados expertly deal with these spikes and are one of the top foods one should have if diabetic. If one truly wants to normalize their blood sugar level naturally, avocados are the thing you want to have in your kitchen.

Makes You More Active
While there is little evidence to claim this theory, the theory has substantial backing as well. Avocados do make you a little more active. An experiment was done where the person who had avocados was slightly more active than one who wasn’t and with a faster metabolic rate. However, as mentioned, there is little evidence present right now to support this claim.

Have Avocados For Breakfast
It might seem a little strange to you, having avocados for breakfast, but it is one of the healthiest things you can do. Having a high-protein avocado meal will probably kick start your metabolism and will probably keep you well away from wanting to eat other foods or feeling hungry till lunch time or even after that. If you aren’t having avocados for breakfast, now is the time to start. It really helps and this is also a healthy habit which has been published in many magazines and research papers.

Now, as you are well aware of the magic of avocados for weight loss, you must be wondering why you never stocked your refrigerator up with them! Well, if you did not before it is time to now. They are delicious, healthy, and nutritious and will help you in your weight loss issues. Instead of eating other fruits, why not have avocados? Some would say not to have apples and have avocados instead but both are healthy so you can have both too. Eat avocados, exercise and before you know it, you’ll be where you wanted to be.