The “Fruit Diet” For Fitness

Introduction And Background
You must have heard about a lot of diets that have been around. There is the diet where you only have soup the entire day, known as the military diet at times. There is the Atkins diet where you concentrate on your proteins and that has known to be really advantageous but has its drawbacks as well because too much protein can also cause you to be irritable and can develop more waste inside the body which might become harder to excrete after a certain while, especially if you are eating nothing else along with it and not getting enough antioxidants as well.

What Is The Fruit Diet?
The fruit diet, as you can easily tell by the name, consists mostly of fruits. You obviously have your share of protein, the required amount you need daily and that you can easily get from meat or fish or perhaps any lentils but other than that, fruits remain your main priority. Now, with the fruit diet, you don’t have to eat fruits all the time and daily. It does not work like that. Mostly people stick to one fruit and eat servings of that two to three times a day. For instance, if the fruit for today is an orange, you peel an orange and eat half of it during the morning and half of it during the evening. If the fruit of the day is an apple, eat an apple in the morning and one at night.

Don’t Fruits Have High Sugar?
Yes, there are some fruits which have high sugar content in them. For example, bananas have a lot of glucose in them and although they are high in potassium, they are high in glucose as well. With such fruits, you still should have them but restrict yourself to perhaps one or half a banana per day. However, there are many other fruits which are sweet in nature but they do not have a lot of sugar in them and are generally low in calories as well.

Fruits With Low Calories
There are numerous fruits which have low calories in them and are also known to be appetite suppressing in nature. The top of the list is an apple, containing a lot of fiber in it. Then there are watermelons which are terrific to have during the summer because they have a lot of water content and are perfect for dehydrating conditions. You can also eat berries, they are also known to be appetite suppressants and a lot of fitness freaks and dieting people use berries in their diet in order to lose weight. They are low in calories, are delicious in taste and also have fiber in them, something that every dieter wants. Oranges are also not very high in calories and eating them can be good for getting some vitamin C as well. Grapefruit also comes in the list. However, grapes do not!

Does It Really Work?
As long as you do not overdo it and don’t start drinking juices made from a lot of fruits, everything should be fine. There was a friend who tried out the fruit diet. Three months before her wedding, she started it. She would pick out a fruit for the day and aside from her protein meal, she would only have that fruit. It really helped her to lose weight and to keep her away from sugary sweets and fats that could have made her gain. On her wedding day, she was as thin and fit as she had planned on being.

Why Are Juices Not A Good Idea?
Juices are not a good idea because there are many calories in juices and you lose some of the best things that a fruit has to offer; the fiber. Take oranges for example. If you eat a simple orange, you’ll be content and you will also gain vitamin C and a lot of fiber from that orange. In order to make juice, you will use about four or five oranges to make a simple glass, you will get all the calories and about half of the fiber content and a juice will not be as fulfilling as an orange itself. Hence, juices are not an ideal thing to have during a diet, even if they are made of fruits. They have quite a bit of disadvantages to them.

The conclusion that you can draw from this is that the fruit diet is one of the healthy diets and if you think of doing it seriously, you will lose weight as well. Fruits are found in nature and are generally very healthy to have. Eating them will not only be beneficial for your weight problems but you will see other things getting better too such as your hair and your skin.