The 5 Best Full Body Exercises

Introduction And Background
Exercising has to be a part of life in order to stay fit and to be healthy. There are so many men and women who start experiencing many problems if they are not fit and not in the habit of moving their body. You can experience joint pains and even backaches and furthermore, perhaps weakening of the nerves as you grow older as well as if you do not move around as much as you should. This article will help to explain 5 best full body exercises that will prove to be really sufficient for your exercising routine.

What Are Full Body Exercises?
Actually, full body exercises are those workouts or specific exercises that give the whole body a good workout. It does not mean that you are working on your chin only or that you are moving your arms only. This means that your whole body is in on it and you are also burning more calories this way in a lesser amount of time! A greater number of muscles are involved and that means it makes you fitter and healthier!

The 5 Best Full Body Exercises!
Written below are some of the best full body exercises that you can do to improve your fitness regime and tone your body.

  1. The Burpees
    Most fitness freaks or people well acquainted with various exercises clearly state that the burpees is probably their all-time favourite exercise. It does not require any machines or any medicine balls or even a few weights. All it requires from you is the weight of your own body. Hence, you can’t really say that you need the gym to do burpees. It also has you moving in three to four different positions and you even jump at the end which gives your entire body some fervor and action! With a burpee, you first go into the squat position and touch your hands on the ground in front. Then you push your feet up so that your chest is also lowered to the floor. While this may seem hard to understand, you can watch videos on the internet, it might help you understand the process better.
  2. Squats
    This has got to be the most well-known exercise, especially amongst women because their area of storing fat is either the upper back or the hips and thighs. And to reduce weight around the hips especially, squats is a huge all-time favourite. Not only do they work wonderfully on the lower half of the body, your upper body plays a good part in it as well! If you want to get a full body exercise, squats is definitely on the list. Some people also weigh a few kilograms to make the exercise a little tougher than it already is. It really helps to strengthen the muscles.
  3. Step Ups
    You might have seen this exercise the most, specifically in movies or people doing it after running around the park or the jogging track. In fact, step ups are a pretty good exercise for the legs and your upper half as well. You also require very little space, same as for the squats. You just need an elevated surface for this particular exercise and even your staircase would do or maybe even a box where you can stand on sturdily. You step on the elevation and then go down with the same leg and then repeat with the other leg.
  4. Pull Ups
    For this exercise, you need somewhat proper equipment. Actually, you just need a bar that is a little above your height and can support your weight. You have to really use your shoulder strength and also tighten the gluteal muscles while crossing your legs to pull yourself up the bar so that your face is above it at least. It actually is more difficult than it sounds and out of all the full body exercises is probably the hardest to do. Sometimes people do not succeed in doing it the first time and it takes time and effort to actually ensure that your chin is above the bar!
  5. Push Ups
    This exercise would need no introductions since it is really famous in the army especially and as well as in movies and fitness regimes too. Needless to say, everyone knows how to do a push up. This is also a full body exercise and one of the best ones.

There are so many exercise to choose from which are full body exercises but needless to say, these 5 are probably the best. Even if you really get used to one of them, it will really prove to be immensely amazing for you. Fitness and health go hand in hand these days and what better method than a full body exercise?