Sweet Potato As Appetite Suppressant

Introduction And Background
Appetite suppression should be the top priority on our list. Why is that so, you ask? Well, without suppressing the appetite, it will become almost impossible to lose weight. People of course maintain their weight and even manage to lose a little of it with exercise but then again, with a lot of exercise. You just have to suppress the appetite and have control on the foods you eat if you are planning to lose weight. Otherwise, you might as well just continue on the same routine if you are not reaching for the end goal. There are things that help you suppress the appetite though, you don’t have to just focus on your will power. There are berries and apples and eggs and then there are sweet potatoes as well. This might seem like a weird addition since every dieter knows they have to stay off potatoes. But read this article and know how you can use the sweet potatoes to your advantage.

How Are Sweet Potatoes Appetite Suppressants?
Never mind the fact that you agree now that they could be appetite suppressants, you’ll be wondering how they are appetite suppressants since everyone thinks that potatoes are fattening. Potatoes aren’t really fattening you know, we just make them that way. Having potatoes filled with garlic mayo or cheese or frying them in a lot of oil will obviously make them fattening! But having them in a boiled or baked format is not bad for you at all, as long as you are having one or half of a potato. Did you know that sweet potatoes contain a type of starch that stave off the digestive enzymes. This means that the enzymes are not working immediately to digest the potatoes and they get to stay in the stomach for a longer time. This helps out in a manner that you feel full for a longer time and are off any cravings because the potatoes are in your stomach. Other than that, they are actually pretty good if you are craving for some sugar because they are not synthetic and along with having carbohydrates, they are packed with vitamins and minerals as well. We only ever look at potatoes as something that is not to be eaten at all if we are on a diet. Well, times have changed; research has done its job. Sweet potatoes can be eaten but of course, in small amounts. Do not go ahead and have a whole tray of potatoes! You need to do things rightly.

Sweet, Not Regular
Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you are to eat sweet potatoes if you want to suppress the appetite. Regular potatoes will not have the power to resist digestive enzymes because their starch does not have what sweet potato has. Hence, do not go ahead and buy just any kind of potatoes and take them in any form. They should be sweet potatoes and preferably taken in the boiled or the baked format. Fried stuff will get to your weight!

Other Ways To Suppress The Appetite
Sweet potatoes are not the only thing that should be on your list. There are other ways to suppress the appetite as well. You should think of drinking water before every meal. Drinking water before every meal means that you are filling up half of your stomach with water so thus leaving lesser space for the food. This is a trick that most dieters apply and it works wonderfully. Never drink water after the meal though, it hinders digestion and it also makes you feel bloated. Other than that, even more space is created in the stomach and you don’t want the stomach to expand now, do you? There are also exercises one can do to tuck that stomach in. Other ways are researching about different types of food that can help suppress the appetite, such as sweet potatoes. Nuts are pretty high up on the list, especially almonds and walnuts! You can also use vegetables and fruits to your advantage. Just keep off the fats and some carbohydrates and you’ll be good to go!

Suppressing the appetite should be on your top priority list if you are planning to lose weight. And don’t think that you should suppress the appetite all by yourself. You should take all the help you can get. Psychiatrists even have some tricks up their sleeves such as the one where you look at the food for about ten to fifteen seconds and shake your head from left to right, whispering no to yourself. When the fifteen seconds would have passed, you’ll be more intact with your body and your goal and you will be able to say no. Try this out too sometime!