Suppressing Appetite Via Vitamins

Introduction And Background
When we talk of dieting, we are indirectly talking about appetite suppression. Those who have been on a diet before know exactly what is being talked about here and for those who are beginning to diet…they will get to know what it is. Appetite suppression is one of those things that are easy to talk about and harder to do. It’s relatively easy to think about not eating to your heart’s content and sticking to low-fat foods but when you get around to actually doing it, it becomes really hard. It is not easy at all to follow a certain routine and then keep eating the same foods while staying away from your beloved burgers or ice-creams or whatever it is that you are fond of. You need all the help you can get with appetite suppression and this article will explain how vitamins can aid in doing just that. There are other tricks you can use as well but we’re going to talk about vitamins first!

The Need Of Appetite Suppression
Appetite suppression is not an option you have, it is your most basic need when you are on a diet. Unless you suppress the appetite, there is very little chance that you’ll ever be able to lose weight. With exercise and other stuff you might be able to maintain your weight but unless you cut down on the food you eat, chances are that you’ll just be moving the scales a pound or two, never more than that. Thus, appetite suppression is very much needed. Exercise is important too but really, imagine going to the gym for an hour or two and then coming back and eating whatever you’d like. What good would exercise do then?

Appetite Controlling Vitamins
Yes, vitamins do control your appetite, do not sound so surprised! They are nutrients that you must eat and among other jobs that they have within the human body, vitamins are also responsible for controlling the appetite. Here is a list of vitamins that you should know about and how they control the appetite.

  • Vitamin Bs
    Vitamin B, such as Niacin and Thiamine have functions to perform but among those functions is the function of normalizing the appetite. Vitamin B-6 controls hunger by taking part in the production of serotonin, a hormone that is typically responsible for control of hunger. These vitamins are found in meat and legumes as well, amongst other things. You should definitely take these vitamins or be specific that they are present in the food you are having. They are also responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels spikes, the highs and the lows. This can really help in controlling your appetite as low blood sugar levels immediately make you crave something to eat, something fattening or sugary.
  • Vitamin C
    This particular vitamin also has a role to play in the production of serotonin, much like vitamin B. It gives vitamin C a little control over your appetite and aside from that, vitamin C is crucial for normal health and development.
  • Vitamin D
    Although there is little evidence to suggest that vitamin D plays a role in suppressing the appetite, there is strong evidence to suggest that lowered levels of Vitamin D in the body make a person hungry. According to many researches, vitamin D levels in the body have to be normal for many things, amongst which is appetite control. Ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D, especially those who live in cloudy areas. It can become tricky for them as they would have to specially get it from food rather than their skin making it from the sun.

Other Ways To Suppress The Appetite
Taking vitamins is just one of the many ways to suppress the appetite. You should get to know a little about all of them. There are many who utilize the use of fiber to suppress the appetite, knowing that it isn’t digested in the body and high fiber foods generally have fewer calories. Others use small tricks like drinking water before a meal so that most of their stomach is filled with water and this way, they eat less than they would have as compared to an empty stomach. Another way is to stock up on fruits and vegetables as you can eat them raw too, not cooked in oil. And choose the ones which have lesser carbs!

Usually when we think of vitamins, we immediately think of normal health development. Rarely does anyone associate vitamins with weight loss or appetite suppression. Well, they do have a link with weight loss and appetite suppression and especially if one is dieting, it is suggested that vitamins help a lot to control their hunger pangs. And besides, you can take the supplements as well since in some diets you might become deficient in certain vitamins.