Some Time-Tested Minerals For Appetite Suppression


In today’s world we constantly see a trend where people are going towards a lifestyle that has caused them to become overweight at a very alarming rate. The reason behind this negative change is the fact that not only our eating habits are worsening continuously, we are also becoming less and less active physically. The result of such a lifestyle is a very bad health that can lead to a lot of weight related problems. If not treated on time, some of these problems can grow into very severe illnesses which in some cases turn out to be fatal too. Therefore, to prevent such an occurrence, the field of medicine is hard at work, finding answers to solve this life threatening problem and one angle that has shown quite a lot of promises is the suppression of appetite. Fending off the problems associated with obesity by reducing the amount of appetite has shown a lot of effective results. However, there is one particular aspect that is being given the most attention due to the fact that it is really effective and natural. This aspect is the use of certain minerals to bring the amount of craving for food under control. Minerals have amazing properties when it comes to the consumption of food and if we make sure that we consume just the right combination of minerals in our diets then it can be made sure that we achieve a great control over our appetites, thereby making it possible to reduce our weight and avoid any serious harm. Read on to find out about some of these minerals.


Magnesium is very crucial in the absorption of nutrients in the body. If it is not present in appropriate amount in the body, it is not possible for the body to fully consume and digest the carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is very important in the functioning of the digestive enzymes too and plays a vital role in making sure that the body is well aware of its needs and doesn’t cross the healthy limit of food intake. It is also extremely important in making the body energetic and plays a vital role in keeping the muscles active. If there is a deficiency of magnesium then the body will keep on feeling exhausted all the time. Daily dosage of magnesium, if taken in the form of supplements should be around 300-400 milligrams.

Potassium hydroxycitrate

This mineral is also very important for the suppression of appetite. A lot of current day treatments that involve appetite suppression involve the use of potassium hydroxycitrate as it is very efficient in the metabolism of fats in the body and is therefore considered to be highly important when it comes to achieving the ultimate result which is the loss of excess fat from the body. It is extracted in the form of potassium salt from the well known Garcinia fruit. Daily dosage for this should be followed as per the medicine that you are taking which has this as its key ingredient.


This is perhaps the most directly involved mineral of all as its involvement in the body lies with the production of insulin and its utilization as well. It plays a very important role in appetite suppression by directly monitoring the levels of insulin in the blood stream, which, if not properly maintained can lead to high level of cravings for sugar. Therefore it is important that your body be getting the appropriate amount of chromium at all time.


All the minerals mentioned above play a very vital role in the controlling of bodily functions that are related to appetite, one way or another. Therefore it is highly recommended that we all make sure that our body’s needs for these minerals are met properly.