Dangers Of Soft Drinks

Introduction And Background

We keep hearing from our parents and teachers and from various other sources that Soft Drinks and Sodas are not good for our health. And for most of our lives, we keep thinking they are just saying that to make us stop consuming it so much because it is a manufactured substance. The truth is, it is so dangerous for our health and for our life that once we get to know about the dangers of it, we would wish we never had developed the habit of drinking it so much.

What Are The Dangers Of Soft Drinks?

Soft Drinks are all carbonated water. That is their basic component. But there are other components as well which are not good for us. Before getting to dangers, learn about the ingredients.
• Additives – Not at all beneficial for health.
• Preservatives – Again, not benefit for the body but rather dangerous if exceeds expiry.
• Phosphoric Acid – Not that bad but high level of phosphates can do damage.
• Artificial Flavoring – The name itself proves it is artificial and not essential or good.
• Caffeine – Again, everyone knows high levels of caffeine can affect the metabolism.
Now that we’re clear about the components of soft drinks, we shall continue to the dangers. The components might not seem all that dangerous to you, but consumed the way they are in the drink they are, they might just affect your lives in ways you never thought possible. Here are some of the things you might want to know before you touch another soft drink.
• The risk of having a stroke increases with your daily intake of sodas.
• Soft drinks have recently been researched for this subject and have been proven to an extent to be somewhat responsible for infertility in women and in men.
• Soft drinks have high levels of phosphorous and our calcium intake nowadays is not up to the mark. This lethal combination softens the bones of the body which causes easy fracture. It can even lead to osteoporosis, which is a very common disease in older women right now.
• Doctors have commented on the fact that refined sugar is the worst thing you can do to your body. They are immensely unhealthy and can cause diabetes. And you’ll be surprised to learn of the amount of it present in every bottle of soft drink.
• Caffeine is consumed by almost every person on earth in some form or the other. It is present in chocolates, tea, coffee and other drinks too. It is an addictive substance though and mostly causes insomnia as well as blood pressure.
• It has a lot of calories. Soft drinks make you fat without even giving your body any quality nutrients which other fat foods might be able to give. It is a useless drink which just gives your mind the peace of drinking it.
• It does not calm down or satisfy thirst but can actually dehydrate your body if you just have soft drinks and do not consume enough water that is your daily requirement.
• Sodas and soft drinks can also cause stomach ulcers or gastro disease. These two things are not to be taken lightly because they can really mess up your diet and may even lead to jaundice.
• Studies have shown that the risk of having heart disease increases when your soda and soft drink intake increases.
• Too much consumption of soft drinks is also known to cause inflammation of blood vessels in the body.
• A research has proved that more than fast food, soft drinks are the reason behind obesity.
• A lot of it can also cause acidity in the body which again leads to stomach ulcers and vomiting.

Can Soft Drinks Put Your Life At Risk?

Soft drinks cannot put your life at risk but only if consumption is not that much. There have been cases where soft drinks have known to cause strokes and brain damage but only where the people were die hard addicts and had to have soft drinks instead of water. Nonetheless, soft drinks do not put your life at risk but can certainly destroy your life with all the diseases and bone deformation it can cause.


Now that you are aware of all the dangers of soft drinks, it is time to turn towards something else. It is hard to let go of a habit and almost every teenager has one of buying a soft drink as soon as they see one. But now that you know what the potential risks are and what harm you are putting your body in by consuming this product, it might lessen your haste for wanting a soft drink with every meal or on casual occasions.