Smoking Kills Your Workouts

Introduction And Background
When we are working out or when we are trying to lose weight, at times we follow the diet and do the exercise but the weight loss is not as we expected. There are added factors behind that which we sometimes do not take into consideration. It could be some sort of medication that you could be on or at times it is the effect of alcohol as well that people do not take seriously. There is also another major thing which can kill your workouts. You probably have guessed it because of the title of the article; yes, it is smoking. If you want to have a perfect workout and are a smoker, you definitely need to read this article to change your mind about this habit because if you are trying to build your body, you need to get rid of the packet of cigarettes first.

How Does Smoking Affect Workouts?
The first thing you need to know is that smoking does affect your workouts and in a pretty bad manner. Those of you who think that it has no effect, get read to change your mind after reading these facts. There are multiples ways in which smoking affects your exercise and you need to read them all very careful to know and understand just how it works.

  • Smoking increases your heart rate, we can all agree to that. Increasing the heart rate means that the heart is unable to pump blood to the muscles as efficiently as before and we all know what exercise depends on; muscles. This means that your muscles are not getting enough energy and the oxygen supply is less than before as well. Two adds two and what you can is a tired body which would have worked better had you not had a smoke now and then, especially before exercising.
  • The heart is an organ affected but there is another organ which is affected even more; the lungs. The lung capacity is severely reduced if you are a chronic smoker and if the capacity is reduced, that means you will certainly have trouble respiring if you are exercising. Workouts are strenuous and to go through it you have to be healthy and have stamina as well. With the heart rate increased and the lung capacity reduced, stamina cannot be built this way. You will get tired very easily and be breathless in a short time, unwilling to continue with your exercise.
  • Studies have clearly shown that those who are in the habit of smoking are less likely to exercise. These two things are the reasons as perhaps it is harder for them to exercise as compared to those who do not smoke but the facts remain the same; smokers mostly avoid workouts. This means that smoking not only kills your workouts but also refrains you from having them in the first place!
  • Smoking also changes your metabolic rate. It can increase it at first but decrease it for the long run.
  • Blood pressure also increases as there are substances deposited in arteries, the substances like tar which is found in cigarettes. This can also affect your workouts in an adverse manner.

Other Harmful Effects Of Smoking
You should not only be concerned about your workouts with smoking. Smoking has other harmful effects too which you should be aware about. Many would already know some of them but a reminder is always good. Here are some of the reasons why you should quit smoking completely, aside from the fact that it kills your workouts completely.

  • Smoking causes cancer and more than eighty percent of lung cancers are due to smoking. Keep this in mind next time you want to light up a cigarette and have a smoke.
  • Coronary heart disease, one of the most common diseases of the heart, is also caused by smoking. The incidence of it due to smoking is less but it still is a factor for it!
  • Immunity is also reduced a little by smoking. Smokers are more susceptible to colds or getting ill than those who do not smoke.
  • For pregnant women especially, smoking is awful for their unborn child. It can cause diseases in the child and also genetic mutations which is why mothers are often advised not to smoke or to be around smokers during their time of pregnancy. They should also strictly stay away from alcohol.

If you are still thinking of lighting up a smoke, think again. You should not put your health at risk due to smoking and if you are in the habit of it and find it hard to leave, there are still ways in which you can. There are nicotine patches and other methods in which you can quit smoking before it affects your health and kills your workouts.