Smoking And Appetite

Introduction And Production
There are a lot of things that effect the appetite. There is the amount of food that you are used to eating, how much you love eating in the first place and there are other factors as well. Environment is a factor. People generally have large appetites if they live in cold areas as compared to those who live in sunny areas. Did you know also that smoking affects the appetite as well? This is what the article will explain to you, how smoking has a dramatic effect on the body and the metabolism as well as the eating habits. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know all the effects and can clearly see what it does.

How Smoking Affects The Appetite?
We all know that smoking affects the appetite but we do not know how exactly it works. Well, here is how it plays its game:

  • We all know that cigarettes are harmful. They contain substances which has the ability to ruin the taste buds on our tongue. What happens is, once our taste buds are messed with, we are less likely to enjoy our food and that makes us eat less. Sometimes we only eat because our stomach is empty but rarely do smokers feel like eating a lot just to enjoy it or relish in it.
  • Most people who smoke do it frequently. What happens after that is that they smoke around lunch time and dinner time as well. All that inhaled smoke takes away most of their appetite and they are again prone to eating less. This is the reason why chain smokers are sometimes found to be really thin.
  • Tobacco is also known to decrease appetites but sometimes it does take the opposite effect in some people!

Weight Gain – A Scare
We all know smoking is injurious and harmful to health but this does not stop a lot of people from taking up smoking just to lose weight. However, this is not all! Some people even continue smoking because they are afraid they will gain weight if they stop! Firstly, one shouldn’t smoke to control their appetite in the first place. Even if you do lose weight by doing it, you will just gain it all back in the end because once you stop smoking, a lot of other effects take place. You are used to having something in your hand and that makes it probable that you will eat more once you stop smoking. This has to stop. One should not use smoking as a means of a weight loss technique in the first place. It is highly dangerous and will ruin your health incredibly. Many youngsters try out smoking just to lose weight and then they are unable to quit, either because they are addicted now or because they are afraid they will gain weight immediately if they stop.

Keep Healthier Options In Mind
There are so many healthier options present which will not only help you to lose weight in the same manner but they will also provide nourishment for the body that it so badly needs. Thinking of smoking as a means to decrease appetite is unhealthy and probably everyone in the world would advise you against it. There are so many other problems that could arise because of it. Hair loss, teeth discoloration, your lips can become pale and there is also evidence to suggest that smoking increases dark circles. What is the point of losing weight in this manner? Keep that in mind. It won’t be worth it. And of course, addiction is a huge problem. Tobacco is very addictive and even if you were planning to just smoke for a month or two, chances are that you will be unable to quit if you have gotten used to smoking or the idea of smoking.

What Are Healthier Options?
Healthier options are to eat the foods that have fiber in them and to eat foods that keep you full for longer so that you are able to stick to your diet rather than stray away from it. Another healthy option is to exercise! You can exercise more and remain fit and healthy rather than turning yourself to a more dangerous solution such as smoking.

The best conclusion that you can draw from this article is that even though smoking might perhaps help you for weight loss, it is not the way to do things. You can also see that once you leave smoking, you will be right here you started and there are so many problems that can come to your appearance by smoking. Smoking is even more dangerous than obesity. Thus, if you want to lose weight and take control of your appetite, do it the healthier and natural way.

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