Weight Loss And Sleep – How Excessive Sleep Or Lack Of Sleep Affects Body Weight

Introduction And Background

Understandably, everyone knows that we must sleep at least seven to eight hours a day to lead a healthy life. If we don’t get enough sleep, we face a lot of problems such as grouchiness, dark circles beneath eyes, unnecessary fatigue and a slow mind. Amongst these is weight loss and weight gain too. Sleep plays a major factor in why some people are gaining or losing weight, even if their diet remains what it used to be. You’ll be shocked to learn how much it affects our daily activities and body mass.

What Happens If You Sleep Less?

Sleep is extremely important. You need to know that without sleeping, it is a good possibility that you’ll be able to gain weight or lose weight. It all depends on how you react to the unhealthy sleeping pattern you’ve adopted. For instance, imagine that for a few days you haven’t been getting enough sleep. You’re annoyed and irritated and tired all the time and you don’t feel like exercising or going for a walk even. You immediately turn towards the easy way out, which in this case takes the shape of fast food or junk food like a bag of chips or a bottle of soft drink. This isn’t nutritional and makes you gain weight since your metabolism is already slow from the lack of sleep and you aren’t turning towards healthy foods either. Hence, sleep loss enhances body weight and you’ll find a rise in the scales even if you think you haven’t been doing anything or eating anything that could possibly raise your weight. But it does. That is why people keep saying sleep is important. It is an important component of your activities to function well.

What Happens If You Sleep More?

Sleeping more does not alter your weight considerably but it is known that if you sleep excessively, you might lose weight. In fact, some dietitians are actually recommending the sleep diet to some people who cannot control what they eat. Of course, they can’t munch away while sleeping can they? The thing is, our body keeps working even while we’re sleeping and burns calories as well. And our metabolism levels are often decided by our sleeping patterns too. You feel fresh and energetic if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and often do not feel the need to overpower or burden yourself with easy foods and a lazy sit down routine. This can make all the difference in the world and can stabilize your weight. You’ll notice that generally, men and women who get sufficient sleep weigh less than those who are deprived of it, even if they’re eating patterns and working lifestyles are the same.

Why Is Sleep Important?

The thing behind sleep is, it keeps you strong. When you’re really tired and drained from a day’s work, you need to rest and give that mind and body of yours some peace. You do it with sleep. Now imagine not being able to do that or not being able to do that as much as you would like, you’ll obviously be irritated and annoyed at many different things. Sleep refreshes you; it reenergizes you and gives you strength to lead another day with a renewed spirit. Without it, all you’ll be facing loss of concentration, loss of interest, weight fluctuations and an unhealthy diet and no offence but you’ll pretty much be a nuisance to all those around you. This is why sleep is so important.

Problems Faced With Weight Loss And Weight Gain In Sleep

Many people have complained that weight gain due to lack of sleep is pretty hard to overcome. It isn’t a normal weight gain and until and unless you do something about your routine, it will be pretty tough to shed off those extra pounds that have appeared out of nowhere. With weight loss or maintenance of weight in proper sleep, there is still a problem with sleeping properly; at times people sleep too much. This can be dangerous. People become lazy in it and the weight gain that comes with it is even harder to shed off than the one you’ve gained due to lack of sleep. Thus, it is necessary to have a balanced amount of sleep so that you do not tire out those muscles excessively and give your body the rest it needs, the sufficient amount only. Not less than that and not more than that either.


As you’ve read what can happen in both situations, do not let yourself get carried away with your careers or your education or whatever it is that you’re doing. Do not compromise on your sleep. Once a month during exams maybe is fine but do make sure you make up for that lost sleep later on. And if you need an incentive to do that, just remember that it affects your weight.