Say No To Soda, Yes To Healthy Drinks

Introduction And Background
Nowadays, we have grown pretty accustomed to just going to the market and grabbing a few drinks and packets of chips without really thinking that we have other options as well. We hardly realize what we are doing to our health and even if we have better options available, we rarely think about them because of course, we’ll go for something fizzy and whatever our body likes. Nonetheless, you should know that drinking sodas are not a good thing and many people are in the habit of having them daily or very regularly at that. Some even have them with dinner and it becomes an item on the table at dinner time. This is not the way things should go. Read on further to find out why you should say no to sodas and turn to healthy drinks instead.

Why Say No To Sodas?
You must be thinking, why exactly should one say no to sodas? Well, there are multiple factors as to why sodas are an unhealthy drink and how one should consider turning towards something which would be better for your life. So why are sodas unhealthy? Here is a list of reasons you should definitely think about before buying a soda next time you visit the market.

  • Their sugar content is extremely high. In fact, they have more sugar than an entire meal you can consume! It is extremely unhealthy that you should be having that many carbs in just one drink and that too a synthetic one. This is mostly the reason why people turn to diet sodas because there will be no sugar in it but even diet sodas have their own problems, even more so than normal sodas.
  • The food coloring and preservatives are something to be aware of. You might say that it is present in every food but with sodas, you have to be careful because the food coloring is black too and a little stronger.
  • Carbonated water is generally not good for health and with sodas, of course that is what you are getting. You need to be aware of what you are putting inside your body.
  • The calorie content of sodas is too high and it will definitely lead you to obesity. Sodas often make a person feel bloated and the waist line also increases if you are a soda lover.

How To Say No To Sodas?
A question that would arise is how you should say not to sodas. It becomes mighty hard to get rid of a habit that has been ingrained in you for so long. But there are ways to say no to sodas.

  • Find an alternative. Even if you are out eating, you can always choose another drink which would be better for you. There are juices or mint drinks that would fare well for you and they are also refreshing to have with food, if a refreshment is what you had in mind.
  • Remind yourself that they are not exactly the healthiest of drinks and that you can put on a lot of weight if you get into the habit of drinking sodas.
  • They are also bad for your body as well as your skin and for women, that is the utmost crime, to drink something that will ruin their looks eventually. Staying away from sodas should become their number one priority!
  • Keep other drinks at home so that you don’t drink sodas. Sometimes families at dinner time really want refreshments along with their food. Sodas are the easy choice but if you can mix up a little drink and serve it, it will probably be better for your entire family.

Say Yes To Healthy Drinks
Healthy drinks such as orange juices or chocolate milk or even vegetable mixers are something you should definitely think about. Saying yes to healthy drinks will do wonders for your health and not only that, staying away from sodas will save you hundreds of calories. It is a known fact that soda drinkers are fat. If you keep that in mind and try to find alternatives for yourself, you will not only be saving yourself from obesity but will also be making your body healthier.

Saying no to sodas will make a huge difference in your life. You will feel better, healthier and if you are obese you might even end up losing weight if you are dieting as well or exercising. Drinking healthy ensures a healthy demeanor. Thus, stock up your house with drinks that are not bad for you or dangerous for your weight. You can make mint juices, lemonade, orange juices, milk shakes and what not. Just say no to sodas and the options will open up by themselves once you start to think about it.