Prescription Weight Loss/ Diet Pills – What Are The Options?

Introduction And Background
When you have tried everything else, when you have tried to diet the natural way (because let’s face it the natural way is the best), you wonder what other options you have. There is liposuction which costs a lot and is the last resort because surgery is just something you do not undergo on a mere whim. Only those who are morbidly obese undergo such surgeries. But there is an option that one can try; diet pills. Everyone has heard of them but no one likes to try them out because obviously, they are not THAT commonly used where one can just rely on them without having to review the product first or hear about it from another who has used it. Now, don’t be surprised at hearing the word diet pills. There is another word used for diet pills that might just make it more friendly for you; appetite suppressants. That’s right! Diet pills are actually appetite suppressants. Read on further to find out more about them and what your options are considering these diet pills.

Why Prescription Weight Loss Diet Pills?
Doctors often think of it as the last resort. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing better than losing weight the natural way where you eat less and exercise and try to move the scales in your favor in a simple mathematical formula; you burn more calories than you take in. However, it becomes mighty difficult for some to follow this formula and they often give up on their diet or get depressed because their weight loss regime is literally going nowhere. For them, doctors prescribe weight loss drugs. It is often for those who are facing some kind of difficulty or disease in their obesity as well. Most of the people are diabetic while others can be having trouble with their blood pressure or cholesterol level which can easily lead to heart disease. In order to overcome all of the risks, it is best to get a little help losing weight with prescription drugs. But bear in mind that it does not mean that you can rely solely on the pills. You have to make sure that you are exercising as well and keeping a check on what you are eating. Taking the pill definitely does not mean that you can go ahead and eat whatever you want!

How Do Diet Pills Work? What Are The Options?
Diet pills work in various manners. Written below are a few methods which might help you to understand the function of diet pills in the body and whether or not they could be suited to your needs, especially if you are having trouble with your weight loss process.

  • Some diet pills can help you to absorb only about one third of the fat that you are consuming. This means that even if you are eating a large, beefy steak, you have the potential to store about only a third of the fat you get from it.
    Option – Orlistat
  • Then there are diet pills that work as appetite suppressants, they help in reducing your appetite and getting you to be content with whatever it is that you are having. There are a lot of herbal appetite suppressants available but they are usually not prescribed by a doctor.
    Option – Belviq, Phentermine
  • Then there are drugs which act as potential hormones and they automatically send signals to the brain that your stomach is full, even though it isn’t. A lot of people like these type of drugs.
    Option – Saxenda

But…Prescriptions Are Important
There is one thing that you should know though, that prescriptions are very important. You cannot just get these diet pills. You have to tell your doctor everything because in certain diseases, you cannot take these pills. They are contraindicated in pregnancies which mean that if you are pregnant, they are lethal for you and the child when born will have congenital abnormalities. Doctors also ask about your blood pressure and even about small conditions such as migraines before prescribing such drugs. One of these is contraindicated in glaucoma as well. Hence, it is important to get a prescription from a doctor who has your medical history. Otherwise, it is very unsafe to have these pills on your own without any advice.

The conclusion you shall get from this article is that diet pills do work and their mechanism is interesting and effective as well but one thing that you should be careful and cautious about is that diet pills will not work if you keep eating the same amount as before. And that you definitely should get a prescription from your doctor for them because not everyone can have them safely. You need to be healthy and not have certain diseases or conditions!