Pregnancy And Weight

Introduction And Background
There are many women around the planet who worry about their weight when pregnant and don’t exactly know how to go about it. There are many as well who do not want to get pregnant because they are afraid they will not be able to lose the weight after the baby is born! There are many speculations about weight and the entire process of pregnancy relating to it. This article will help to establish some facts and clear any discrepancies that anyone might be facing. Read on and acquaint yourself with a lot of new information and facts that might help you during the process and might help someone else as well, someone you know who is pregnant and is worrying about her weight!

Don’t Eat For Two – Eat Normally
One of the most common mistakes that a woman makes while she is pregnant is that she begins eating a lot, almost double of what she usually has, despite her hunger being satisfied with the normal food she eats. Even her family often tends to overstuff her to make sure that the baby turns out to be healthy and heavy. This is wrong and one should not do it. A pregnant woman needs to only eat as she normally does and if her appetite is increasing then she can tend to it when it does happen but even then she should not go overboard. Many doctors, gynecologists, often have to tell their patients during antenatal checkups that they need not go crazy with food and they should not begin to eat for two – they should eat normally.

The Average Weight Gain
This is also more important to know because then a pregnant woman would know where she lies on the average scale. Usually, the average weight gain of pregnancy is between eight kilograms to twelve kilograms. Any less than eight is not a good sign and any more than twelve is also not a good sign. And if the woman is obese already, then it becomes doubly difficult for her and she has to ensure that she has no other medical problems such as diabetes or hypertension but that is another story entirely. Nonetheless, a woman should try staying between these limits at most.

The Baby Weight And The Other Weight
Some of the weight gain that a woman experiences is of the baby. A healthy baby is considered to be more than 2.5 kilograms so we can think of that added weight gone after the delivery. However, there is other weight to be considered as well. Going into scientific terms, the plasma of a woman increases by almost fifty percent which adds to it and there is an increased sodium retention which means the water weight is included as well. Aside from that, a woman begins storing more fat because she needs the energy in order for the lactation to occur later on when the baby is born. Hence, there are three things to consider here; the baby weight, the water weight and the fat.

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?
Losing weight after pregnancy is not as difficult as some people think. Firstly, the water weight goes down on its own, you just need to give it a few weeks on its own and not expect a miracle to happen overnight! Another thing to consider here is that the fat stored is for a purpose; lactation. Doctors around the world tell mother to breastfeed the baby because it is rich in nutrients and immunoglobulin and the milk is excellent for the baby but it is excellent for the mother as well. She will avoid many conditions such as chest congestion and pain as long as she breastfeeds her baby and will also be using up the energy storage that occurred in the duration of her pregnancy for this sole purpose! And of course, there are some exercises that a woman could do and there are many classes held as well around the globe in order for pregnant women to lose weight after the delivery of the baby. Nonetheless, the weight loss can occur naturally if you do everything right yourself and as nature has put it.

Pregnancy and weigh gain is nothing something one should be afraid of. It does horrify, seeing the weight gain of a pregnant woman and the protruded abdomen but it all goes away later on and very naturally so. You just have to know some rules such as to not go crazy about food because you only need eat healthy and normally, there is no need to eat for two and that after the delivery, some of the weight the baby takes away and some you have to work on yourself and some goes away by itself when the body physiologically returns to the state it had been in before conception.