Weight Loss Truths

Introduction and background

Confused on where to start? This will help you. Open your eyes, metaphorically and figuratively. And of course, literally. Diets and their phenomenon are a long eating worm that has instilled themselves in the minds of people. Of course, dieting is important, but the right kind of dieting is. You don’t have to starve yourself. And you’ll only feel starved by eating less if you’ve let that stomach get bloated. And if you have…and if not…read on.

Can dieting make you anorexic?

No, it cannot. There are some cases where people have gone to the extreme because they faced so many hardships and tolerances during dieting, it really scared them. They never wanted to face it again. But those are a selected few. It does not make you anorexic unless you are mentally weak. And even then, the chances are less.

Does dieting harm me?

Starving yourself will harm you. It will do a lot of damage. Do not starve yourself. But remember, there is a very fine line between eating less and starving yourself. Eating less is great. It makes you far away from obesity as you can ever be. It makes you fit. It makes you more aware. Dieting is eating less, not starving, so no it will not harm you.

Can I diet without exercise?

You can diet without exercise, but you cannot diet without eating less. Exercise helps to maintain weight. It helps to burn fat too. But if you do not reduce the amount you need and suppress the appetite of yours, you’re back to square one in no time even if you exercise a lot.


Appetite suppression is very important?

It is the most important factor behind dieting. The word dieting is basically suppressing the appetite and learning to eat less. The art of sticking to a single portion and not filling your mouth and stomach with delicacies is hard. But then again, all the hard things in life are all the excellent achievements.

Are there certain foods that can suppress the appetite?

It might sound weird that eating food is suppressing your appetite somehow. But it is a fact. For instance, green tea is a well known appetite suppressant. It provides all the herbs and trace elements for the body as well as a reduced appetite. People immediately feel as if they aren’t hungry any more if they have had green tea. And it mobilizes fat. Hence, yes there are foods that can suppress the appetite.

Does the herbal appetite suppressing pill work? Are there other suppressing medicines?

Yes, it does work. It has the best reviews and is one of the most active and effective ways to suppress the appetite. Many people think just because it is made of herbs and natural ingredients, it is bound not to work. This is really no the case. The herbal appetite suppressants which come in the form of pills are an acknowledged technique. It is not even a medicine. Calling it that makes it sound strange. It is a weight loss supplement. And yes, there are other suppressing supplements available. But this one is natural, effective and affordable.


Does genetics play a part in obesity?

Science has shown that it does. It does not mean that you will definitely become obese if your parents or siblings are. It only means that you have a tendency that might be higher than those around you who do not have an obese family. In circumstances like these, it is better to exercise and know the dangers of obesity and getting into it.


Weight loss is easy?

It could be. If you are on the right track, the right diet with the right mind.  The most important part, however, is to develop the will power. The stronger will power you have, the better your chances will be to lose weight quickly and effectively.



Do not get confused over some matters. Just stick to a plan and do it. Weight loss is something that you should do if you are overweight. It causes all sorts of problems that can also be life threatening at times. Research has also proved that obese people have a short life expectancy and an unhealthy life compared to those who lead an ideal weight all their life. Do not blame confusion for your hesitation. Act now if necessary.