No Pain. No Gain


Introduction And Background
No, this is not a review about the movie. However, fitness freaks and gym lovers will know this line really well because a lot of the people who are trying build their muscle mass and lose body fat often share this motto with each other. It is fairly common and if you visit the gym once or twice, you’ll get to know about it as well. These words have a lot of meaning and you should know that they are literally true in every aspect of the world. How many times has a teacher told you that you will not be able to pass with flying colors unless you work hard? How many times has a parent told you that to be something in life, you will have to go through many hurdles because it is not an easy path? How many times has a sibling shared a story of true perseverance which paid off in the end? And how many times has a body builder told you that without the pain, you don’t gain?

Not Only For Body Builders
If you think that no pain and no gain means that it is specifically for body builders only, you are wrong. No pain no gain generally means that without putting in the effort, you won’t gain anything. And putting in the effort is often painful as well. Ask a dieter how they begin to diet if you haven’t ever done it and you’ll know how tough it is. Imagine loving food and eating as much as you want and then suddenly you can’t have all the food that you love and not only that but you have to lessen your portions considerably. Imagine the mood swings that come with it and the hunger cravings that one has to tolerate for quite some time before getting used to it. All of this is painful but in the end, you cannot do anything without it. You have to give up something to get something and that is exactly what is meant here.

Build Muscle If You May
If you want to build something, build muscle. Do not build fat in the body. It can not only make you fat but also cause a lot of diseases as well. Hence, you can increase the muscle mass but that is not easy either. There are a lot of exercises that you will have to do and lay of foods that can tend to make you fat. You also need carb control and have to have a lot of protein intake. Needless to say, no matter what path you take, whether it is reduction in body fat or increase in muscle mass, the bottom line is that you will have to work at it. There is simply no other way.

You Have To Work At It
You cannot just lie around and hope that somehow or the other your body will just get into shape like that. If that could happen, no one in the entire world would be obese or out of shape. You really have to work at it to achieve something, especially if you are trying to achieve the physical aspect. It takes time and energy and is not something that happens overnight. You have to think about it, formulate a decent plan and then muster up all the motivation you have to stick to that plan. A lot of dieters fail to diet further after the first few days because it is too much for them. They fail to continue. There is where you again understand the phrase ‘no pain no gain.’

Not Only In Health…
And this is not only in health or fitness related matters. In fact, it is the way the world works or life works. You have to put in an effort to achieve something, whether it is to score well in a test etc. There are shortcuts of course. You can always cheat in the test. You can always get your liposuction done. You can always eat and drink different things which boast about weight loss as if it could happen overnight. However, this is not the proper way to do things. You have to put in the effort; otherwise there really is no point! And there are many downsides to doing things in an unconventional manner or to take the easy path.

The conclusion that you can draw from this is that if you want to lose weight or make muscle mass, you simply have to control what you eat or eat specific things and you simply cannot forget about exercise either. If you want to look for shortcuts, there are methodical ones but even then you have to work at it, it as simple as that!