Juices For Appetite Suppression

Introduction and background

The use of appetite suppression as a way of controlling weight is becoming more and more popular every passing day and there is a very important reason behind it; it works. A number of different methods have been developed over the time to implement that appetite suppression and that includes eating certain groups of food, planning eating cycles and also consuming different sorts of liquids. One of these things is juices. There are certain types of juices that are believed to be able to really suppress the appetite in a person. And it isn’t just a belief anymore as studies have shown that it actually works. So what are the juices that can really help you in regaining control over your weight and losing those extra pounds that you are carrying on you currently? The answer to that question has been given here in detail. Read on to find out all about it.

The research

A series of different researches were conducted to measure the impact of different kinds of liquids that impact the diet in a positive way. That also includes juices of vegetables and fresh fruits. The results of all these researches were consistent and showed very positive results. Not only were they helpful in providing with necessary diet elements but were also low on calories. A lot of other benefits that these two major food categories have were also found in the body in increased amounts. The overall benefit of consuming the juices of these two products was completely undeniable, making it a surefire thing that they were certainly a good way of suppressing appetite and as a result, losing weight.

Vegetable juices

When talking about vegetable juices, the first thing that comes to mind is that the main purpose of this must be to increase the vegetable intake somehow. While that in itself is true, there is also a lot of benefit for the consumer in terms of appetite suppression. Vegetable juices due to their rich elements and fulfilling fibrous nature are great at making you feel full, even though your calorie intake isn’t as high as it would otherwise be in your normal routine. People who drink vegetable juices daily are known to have shown a significant decrease in their overall calorie intake in their daily routine. Therefore there is no denying the fact that drinking vegetable juices is an excellent method of appetite suppression. So while you are busy gulping down that fresh carrot juice you just made, not only are you decreasing your calorie intake but you are also providing your body with essential enzymes and minerals. How great is that? However, one thing that deserves to be mentioned here as the king of all appetite suppressants is water.

Water and appetite suppression

The role that water plays in appetite suppression is simply phenomenal and therefore it was felt necessary to bring it to your attention about its importance. Not only is it easily consumable, whenever you are having untimely fits of hunger, you can simply gulp down some water to suppress it. It really works like a charm and adds very little amount of calories to your diet.


Mentioning water as a source of appetite suppression does not mean that it should replace vegetable juices. While it may be effective, it doesn’t carry all the necessary minerals and enzymes that you would find in fresh veggies. All that nutrition that you see in fresh raw vegetables is extremely necessary for your body and wouldn’t it be great to achieve two targets with one shot? Not only will your nutrient needs be fulfilled but you will also have your appetite suppressed effectively. Therefore it is highly recommended to use vegetable juices to suppress appetite.