It’s Your Will That You Should Control And Not The Appetite

Introduction And Background
Losing weight, exercising and appetite control are all major things that are interrelated to each other. Exercise and appetite control bring weight loss and without these two things, moving the scales the way you want becomes quite impossible. However, the topic of this article is not the appetite control but rather your will power. We will be talking more about will power and how it should be the thing you should be concentrating on. A lot of people focus their efforts on the appetite when really, they should be using their brain power to control themselves. Read on further to know more about will power and how you can control it in relation to your diet where your appetite will not bother you anymore.

Where There Is A Will…
There is a way. If you have enough will to lose weight, you will lose it. You won’t have to concentrate on your appetite or how to reduce it, it will be reduced automatically. Since you would want to lose weight, you will exercise more and have better self-control. Do not underestimate your will power. That is the biggest mistake one can make and more often the reason as to why diets fail in the first place. People, after just one day, come up with the phrase ‘I can’t do it.’ They are referring to staying away from their delicious foods. Their appetites are asking for it. In circumstances like these, will power is what counts. It is your will to continue with the diet that will see you through and eventually, weight loss is what you achieve. If you have the will to do all of that, weight loss is inevitable.

What Psychologists Say…
Most psychologists often think that prescribing pills or looking for ways to suppress the appetite is futile if one knows the true essence of the brain. They say that you should yourself start saying no to food and the appetite will reduce by itself. For instance, they teach a trick. If you are looking at a slice of cake and want it really badly, before attacking the cake and putting it in your tummy, look at it and then for a full ten seconds shake your head from side to side and whisper no in your head or out loud. After the ten seconds are over, there is more than a ninety percent chance that you will walk away. Will power does develop this way, it’s true. There are people who have tried this method and it has worked for them most of the time.

Tricks To Play
There are several other tricks you can play with your mind to get your will power to increase and that you have better control over your cravings in a natural manner. Your brain is in charge of your entire body. Here are a few tricks you can play with it to increase your will power and determination to lose weight:

  • There is nothing like motivation. Motivation can even make a blind man see and it can make a paralyzed woman to try and walk again. You should get yourself hyped up and motivated during the diet. If you have an image of what you should look like at the end of your diet, keep thinking about that if you ever feel like quitting your diet or anything of that sort. It really helps.
  • Talk to other people who are going through what you are going through. It helps to know that there is someone else in the same boat and it gets you to not think bad about where you are. Many a times men and women often feel sorry for themselves. That shouldn’t be the case. They should not feel sorry for themselves but rather feel as if it is something that they need to do.
  • Do not keep checking the scales daily. There is nothing more demotivating than that. Always check after three to four days or a week. It will really help you to not give up on your diet because that is also a common reason for giving up; checking the weighing machine and seeing no difference.

Will power is a strange thing. If you have it, you can move mountains and if you do not have it, it does not matter what you are concentrating on. The effort will be half-hearted and not worth it and is more likely to fail. Whatever you do in life, whether it is studying or even dieting, do it with fervor and a complete mindset that you are going to do this. If you want to suppress the appetite, work at believing in it rather than trying to shortcuts or ways to do it.