Is exercise alone enough for fitness (or diet is also important?)

Introduction and Background

It is widely believed that weight loss is a complete package involving right diet to right lifestyle and precise sleep patterns. And generally most people need combined weight loss regime to sustain the weight lost. Therefore, ideally exercise alone is not enough to cut the excess weight. While with only diet one can lose weight but exercise is a very crucial component. With exercise one looses excess fat stored in the body. Most obese people are under the impression that exercise alone can make up for the overeating that they do.

Metabolism gets blamed when people put on weight or have trouble in losing weight. People with high metabolism can eat more without gaining weight. Many of us are not blessed with a high metabolism, so we should search for the foods that will help us to raise metabolism. So let’s understand what metabolism means?The rate at which our body burns calories is known as metabolic rate.

Exercises like Aerobics, Pilates and yoga plays a vital role in reducing the weight and contributes to the overall well being both mentally and physically. Our body has resting metabolism rate which remains controlled through weight training and regular workouts at the gym. Indeed diet is of utmost importance for one’s overall fitness and well being. This is for the simple reason that our choices of diet impact on our weight and no matter what weigh loss programme you have chosen your diet will always play a key role in gaining your weight targets.

If your diet is full of correct ingredients and nutrients then you will regain the stamina lost during exercises and strict workouts. Right diet helps you strengthen the mental focus, enhance the immune system and also build resistance against seasonal diseases in the long run.

Exercises alone may be the perfect strategy in dealing with other obesity related problems for some people. But most experts worldwide claim that a good combination of exercise and diet not only yields desired results but also helps in sustaining the weigh lost.

Therefore, if weight loss is ultimately your end target, then a combination of right exercise and good diet choice is the most reliable, dependable and proven way to knock off the extra kilos. No doubt, fad diets appear and then disappear too, but the only proven strategy for weight loss success is to exercise consistently and monitor your caloric intake so that you burn more calories than you consume each day.

When at the gym consulting a gym instructor or trainer is advisable to select the right kind of workouts and exercises for your weight loss programme. Several studies and researches have proved that when people choose to eat smart they do achieve weight loss only to sustain for short term and it is only through rigorous exercise that weight loss remains in the long term. Therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to say that right diet and good exercises are inter related and complement each other. And when used together delivers the weight loss results in a more efficient manner.

Now one may get curios about what exactly is implied by right diet. Well, a right diet implies proper combination of cereals, fruits, pulses high on protein and green vegetables high on all vitamins like A,D,E and K. Not to forget drinking milk almost everyday both after and before your regular exercise regime as it is a complete food. Losing weight without any exercise generally demands cutting down on calories so low that they don’t sustain for longer period of time.

People may resort to starving at times but actually starving is not easier than indulging a certain type of exercise one may prefer doing. Starving can also cause enough damage to the body like memory loss, retardation, anorexia, insomnia and other heart ailments later on in life.

Emotional eating is the practice of consuming large quantity of food in response to emotions instead of hunger. These emotions can be like when you are depressed, happy, bored, angry, stressed, feeling lonely, or you eat for entertainment or passing time, or you eat while watching T.V. This results in unwanted weight gain.


Medical practitioners across the globe state not to underestimate the importance of overcoming emotional eating. You can do this by identifying the emotional triggers that lead you to overeat. One can substitute more appropriate techniques to manage our emotional problems. First of all break the habit of eating in response to emotions. For that you need to find out when you eat. Try other activities like, Listening to music, Go for a walk, Talk to somebody, Start doing some work, Read a book, do some household chores or do any other activity until the urge to eat is over. You would notice that all these activities are some form of exercise or the other.