Choosing The Ideal Salad

Introduction And Background

You’ll often hear that people, mostly women in their mid forties and thirties, eating salads to lose weight. Especially in movies you’ll hear them telling their cook or chef to make them a salad because they are on a strict diet. They are not just saying that because it is in the script of the movie. It is in fact true. Salads do help in weight loss. They are fresh, leafy and also keep you full if you are looking for a good meal too to keep your stomach satisfied. But the thing with salads is, they can be as beneficial as they can be dangerous. It all depends on how much you know about the salad you are having.

Salads That Can Fatten

There is a general consensus about salads; they do not make you fat. This has got to go. There are different kinds of salads and some can fatten you considerably if you keep having it every single day in order to lose weight. You’ll actually be gaining some! The thing with salads is, you have to know what’s in it. There are many salads that have only vegetables and look really leafy and fat free but are dipped in olive oil and mayo before they come to you. Olive oil, even if it is good for your health, is fattening and don’t even get me started on mayo! A few of them are:
• Chopped Salad – It contains mostly good food such as lettuce and tomatoes along with grilled chicken. But it has cheese in it. Cheese is fattening.
• Caesar Salad – The most famous of all salads. This one has had its share of speculation for quite some time now. The salad’s ingredients are all safe to eat for someone who is on a diet, but the dressing is so rich in fat it is like you’re having a proper meal! You can eat this salad but then tell them to go easy on the dressing or skip it altogether.
• Potato Salad – The name is enough to tell you to stay away from this salad. Potatoes are a big no in any diet. They can make you gain weight really fast. Potato salads are a favorite amongst people but this is a dangerous salad to have if you’re planning to lose weight.
• Wedges Salad – This salad again contains a rich dressing and potatoes which are not at all what you should choose if you’re on a diet.

Make A Wise Decision

Restaurants usually inform you about the food you are having, especially the salad course. They tell you, detail by detail of what they put into it. Most of us do not pay a heed to what they’re saying but it is time to do so if you want to choose the ideal salad. The best part is, if you want adjustments made to your salad it can be done as well! But the adjustments also have to be practical. For instance, if you choose the potato salad, you cannot tell them to not put potatoes in it, can you? You can tell them to go easy on the dressing or to put in diet mayo or something. This can help you. But choosing the ideal salad is not much of a difficult job. Just know what you’re moods are.


If You Are Dieting

If this is the case, then all the above mentioned salads are to stay away from. They cannot be eaten because they will hinder your weight loss process. The name salad is not enough. They contain a lot of said ingredients that can make you gain weight rather than lose it. Stick to green leafy salads that have no oil or unnecessary dressings. Stick to plain salads.


If You Are Not Dieting

If you are not trying to lose weight, then there is no worry. Then you can easily try any salad you want which is according to your taste. To choose the ideal salad, remember again, is to know what exactly is in it. If the things suit you, then it’s fine. I once selected a salad but found it had cheese in it. I don’t like cheese. Imagine having to eat the entire thing just because you’ve paid a hefty amount for it.


Try Making Your Own Salads

Salads can be made at home as well. And obviously if you make them at home you’ll know what you’re putting into it. This way, fattening ingredients can be avoided and you can select what your ideal salad should be liked yourself.


Choosing the ideal salad is not such a big deal. There are many to choose from but it is an easy job. There are numerous salads available, all in accordance to different tastes. Discover the ingredients in the salad and find one that suits you best. Then choose it.