Hypnosis For Weight Loss

 Introduction And Background
Obesity is a disease that everyone is tired of and it can actually make one cry. How often do we see the fat kid being teased at school? How often do we see a woman look at her body and feel embarrassed when there are thin people all around her? How often do we see a man ashamed of his belly when all those his age are working out to maintain themselves? It is safe to say that obesity is something that haunts everybody and a lot of people are looking at ways to get rid of it. But then again, they are obese in the first place because of their love for food. If they can overcome that love, there wouldn’t be a problem at all. This is where hypnosis comes in. It is easier to say that one can control hunger and harder to do it. With hypnosis, the entire process becomes a hundred times easier!

Does It Work?
It actually does. There are many people who have used hypnosis to get over their fear of heights and the fear of flying. And there are people who have used hypnosis for weight loss. They have said positively about the matter and even Oprah Winfrey has talked about it on her show! Now, something that is so popular must have some substance, yes?

How Hypnosis Works For Weight Loss
We all know how hypnosis is done. It is the control of the mind that a hypnotist does so that you believe and follow in what he or she has said unconsciously. Sometimes you are conscious of it but most of the times you are not. So how does hypnosis work for weight loss? Here’s how:

  • Hypnotherapists, who are the ones hypnotizing you, believe that whatever you need to achieve is within you. They do not think that outsiders or anybody else for that matter can help you as much as you can help yourself. They give the example of when we first learn to ride a bike. We fall and stumble and fear we’ll fall again. But then, after a while, we effortlessly manage to ride a bike, even unconsciously controlling all our motions. The same is the case with dieting. Pretty soon, it will be unconscious effort on our part when we are hypnotized. The hypnosis is only a little push.
  • Hypnotists sometimes don’t even need to hypnotize the person. They only need to make him or her believe that they are in order for them to follow their diets specifically. It’s like this, when you believe or expect something to work, it does because you eventually do everything you need for it to work. Thus, they make you think like that too.
  • Hypnotists also tend to make you think positive thoughts rather than treating you to the negative. For example, a lot of hypnotists would make you think about your body in a more positive manner. They would instill in you the habit to eat healthy and you’ll be drawn to healthier and less fatty foods this way. Some can also hypnotize you into disliking fatty foods but positive reinforcement is better in a person and has been known to show better results than the other.
  • Hypnotism also makes you visualize at times. You work better when you know what results you’ll achieve. Many a times an old picture is used where the weight was lesser than it is in the current situation and then that picture derives an ambition in you to lose weight. It’s all in the mind basically!
  • A lot of hypnotists make you think that your cravings are flying away in a plane or a rocket-ship and they’re farther than you think they are. This enables a lot of people to get a hold of their cravings in a suitable manner. Your mind can be tricked really easily. All you have to do is let it be.
  • A lot of psychologists tell people who want to lose weight to take a full ten seconds before eating something. In that ten seconds, they should move their head from left to right and tell themselves ‘NO’. After ten seconds, they probably would have better control and can easily turn away from whatever they were dying to eat about ten seconds ago. This is not exactly hypnosis but a good form of mind control, one that you are doing yourself.

There is nothing wrong in taking help from a hypnotherapist or buying hypnosis tapes that can help you with weight loss. Obesity is a disease that the sooner you get rid of the better. There is no sense in letting the extra pounds stay on your body when there is a way in which you can help yourself get thinner!