Hydration In Athletes

Introduction And Background
Drink water, drink water and drink water. This is what most athletes are told on a hot summer day by most of their coaches lest they fall into a heat stroke or get hypertensive or even severely fatigued with cramps and what not. Actually, there are a lot of things that can happen if an athlete does not stay hydrated. This is one of the most important reasons, not to get into any health problems or damage the body in any way! Aside from that, there are other reasons to as to why an athlete should maintain hydration.

They Workout A Lot
Since they are athletes, that means that they sweat out a lot through all the workouts and in whatever sports they play. This also means that their water content is often lost at a quicker pace than usual and they would need to stay hydrated in order for their body to work properly. Most of the chemical reactions that occur in the body require water as a medium and if we do not have enough of that, it would definitely create a lot of problems. Thus, this is also why you see water coolers at many sports events and this is why players often take breaks to hydrate themselves during the game.

The Performance Improves
This is actually a fact, did you know that? You can test it out for yourself. When you are thirsty and feel dehydrated, you will feel fatigued and very tired and not only that but your attention span will lessen as well. Your heart will also not be into the game much because the thirst and the body aches will become quite difficult to ignore. This means that as soon as you deal with the problem, which means when you hydrate yourself, the performance automatically improves as well. This is also the reason why coaches often command their players to keep a water bottle and if the player comes during break time, he is immediately given something to hydrate himself with. Often, it could be energy drink as well or perhaps simple glucose water for instant energy as well as hydration.

They Could Avoid Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea…
And gastrointestinal problems and the list goes on and on. In fact, how many times you might have seen a professional player on television actually suddenly collapsing on the ground? It is because they have a heat stroke which immediately needs to be dealt with. There are also players who suddenly feel nauseous and can vomit during the game as well and it is also because they have not hydrated themselves enough and need to do it immediately to fix the problem. But remember, suddenly giving water is also dangerous at times. It is best to perhaps take them to the hospital first to get them checked and then maybe they need an IV line passed for the fluids to go directly into the venous system rather than the through the mouth. Always call a doctor if things get really bad but don’t let it get to that level in the first place. Take care of the body you are into sports and try to stay hydrated more than anything else.

 An Important Factor Often Forgotten
Another thing that often escapes the mind is that one does not only hydrate because of the water or the energy, we need the electrolytes as well because of which things definitely go wrong. Why does one vomit? It is because the loss of electrolytes is often very damaging for the body and can create a defect in the body that is difficult to overcome unless proper treatment is given. The signs and symptoms of dehydration are often right there in the face. The person has a whitish tongue, sunken eyes and might even experience headaches or dizziness. The skin is dry and sallow and there is a definite lack of energy and irritability. Sometimes you can also tell by looking at your own urine, which doesn’t sound all the pleasant but you have to do what you have to do! If the urine is dark yellow, it also shows signs of dehydration and concentrated urine. Checking the pulse can also give signs as the heartbeat becomes really fast and rapid and the breathing rate is also increased in such situations.

You can see now how important it is for an athlete to stay hydrated because they could adversely affect their health if they are not careful enough. Hydration in athletes is a very important factor and it not only affects their level in the game but also their health as well. If you are an athlete and know someone who is, it is best to recognize the signs of dehydration and then do something about it.