Hunger Control Through Nuts

Introduction And Background
Perhaps ten years go or maybe a little more than that, had a person come to you and said that you can eat these foods to control your hunger, you must have looked at them like they were crazy. Hunger control back in the day meant starving yourself and just trying to control it through mere will power which very few of us had to be honest. Everyone loves food and it is mighty hard to stay away from it. As research has advanced further and there are so many techniques that everyone utilizes to their own leisure and different methods of weight loss, it is now possible to eat a certain food for hunger control! Read on further to understand this more and then come towards the nutty thing!

Hunger Control By Eating Foods
Sometimes you can control your hunger and your appetite by eating the right foods. You don’t always have to remain hungry when you do feel like eating something. You can have a little snack here or there as long as you don’t start consuming it on a regular basis or don’t start having sweet cakes and doughnuts as snacks or something else that has a lot of calories! Some people eat high protein foods to control their hunger because protein takes a longer time to digest in the stomach which means you will have food in your stomach for a longer time as well. If you do the simple math, that means probability is high that you will be able to stay away from food for a longer time too! However, aside from eating foods, let’s get down to the nuts in life!

This is probably the most famous nut that is on every single list of natural appetite suppressants that you will come across over the internet, in magazines or in researches done by nutritionists. Almonds are considered to be one of the top notch appetite suppressants and are actually really helpful because as they are small and don’t even need to be cooked, you can easily carry them around anywhere. You can even casually put a few in your pocket while going to work once in a while if you want to avoid the hassle of carrying a lunch box with some other snack inside. Almonds are appetite suppressants due to various reasons. They can control hunger because they stimulate the brain to release hormones that enable satiety in the body and makes you less hungry or not hungry at all. More than that, almonds are full of fiber. They are high fiber foods which is what anyone wants really. Fiber is another food, next to protein, that most dieters want in their diet. Dieters often face a lot of constipation problems because they are not eating as they used to and there is no bulk forming in their stool much. Fiber helps to relieve that factor so it is better to have it in your diet and what better way to get them than a handful of almonds about two or three times a week? Almonds also have essential fatty acids that are good for the body as well as the skin!

Almonds have got few calories but this does not mean you keep eating them all day long or something like that! You can have them sometimes and only a few of them. There is something as too much of a good thing!

Walnuts have anti-inflammatory essentials so if you ever feel bloated and want to relieve your hunger, this is what you should have. Walnuts, similar to almonds, are high in fiber and are pretty good at relieving hunger by releasing hormones that control your appetite and hunger. After eating walnuts, you suddenly feel full and don’t want to eat more and certainly don’t feel hungry. Walnuts, like almonds, are low in calories and make for a good snack rather than eating crackers or something else that will probably give you a lot of calories and not curb your hunger any more than before. Walnuts are easily found in shops and over the counters like almonds and you can carry them around easily as well. They also have the essential fatty acids that are sometimes not available to you in the foods you are having while dieting and thus it is good to pack up on it with almonds and walnuts and other nuts if you may!

Controlling your hunger does not have to be that hard and you can take help by eating certain foods or other mechanisms, whichever way can help you the best. Your appetite can get the best of you so try getting the best of it instead and see how that works out! Use nuts!